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Most pets adapt easily to life in Spain, despite the considerable difference in the summer temperature. However, there are some health issues that need your specific attention.

Make sure that both your cats and dogs have specific annual vaccinations (against viruses and bacterial problems). Most specifically, you must protect them against:

– Mosquitoes (mosquitoes) which cause leishmaniasis, a fatal disease. However, the symptoms of this disease can be treated to provide any affected animal with a better and longer life than it would otherwise expect.
Use a preventative collar and ‘spot-on’.

– Ticks (garrapatas) are a constant problem and can cause diseases such as canine Babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis. You should inspect your animals regularly and remove any ticks as soon as you see them.
Use a preventative collar and ‘spot-on’.

Fleas (pulgas) transmit worms and allergies
Use a preventative collar and ‘spot on’.

– Tapeworms (lombriz) which affect the overall health and well being of an animal
Treat with pills every three months

For cats beware:

– Feline Leukemia
Vaccinate your cat

– Immune deficiency
No cure

– Peritonitis
No cure

A summary (from an experienced vet in Spain) of general advice to foreigners coming to Spain is:

When you come to Spain seek the advice of a vet to establish any common problems or peculiarities for pets in Spain within your given area. Spain is vast and conditions differ hugely from one region to another and thereby the specific animal health care requirements.

Keep all animal vaccinations up to date.

Ensure that your animal is provided with healthy, good quality food (but do not over feed!).

Make sure you treat all intestinal problems promptly.

Wherever possible keep your pets in Spain inside your Spanish property at night to avoid the worst affects of mosquitoes.

Avoid taking your animal to areas where there is an obvious mosquito problem such as marshes etc.

Never leave any animal alone in a car in Spain. Even in winter the sun in Spain can be very hot and quickly overheat and kill an animal.

Follow these precautions and you should have few problems and your pets in Spain can enjoy life here just as much as in your own country!

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