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The question, of course, is how do you make the very best of your summer holidays in Spain?

Certainly, choosing a great beach and workable holiday accommodation in Spain is essential.  Equally, you need to make sure that your surrounding area provides you with all the facilities you need and that you are not miles from the nearest bars and shops.

But what about activities that are not centred on the beach?

Is there anything that you can do during your summer holiday in Spain that will be memorable on the days that you choose to have away from the beach?

Fiestas in Spain                                                 The Fiesta season is upon us!

Certainly, during virtually any beach holiday there comes a time when an escape from the beach becomes necessary.  Sometimes this is because the weather is just too hot to sustain day after day and sometimes (unfortunately!) it can be because you (or a member of your family) may have become slightly sun burnt.  In any event, natural curiosity normally drives most people to spend at least a day or so exploring the realities of their holiday country (something inevitably compromised by holiday areas).

The trouble is that many days out from the beach can be something of a letdown.  The heavily promoted and picturesque local ‘beauty’ spot often turns out to be less lovely than the promotional material states.  Worse still, it is often overrun by coachloads of over hot and over wrought tourists all (lemming-like) in the same place – thus destroying any desirable ambience or tranquil setting.


In fact, there are many things you can do when on a summer holiday in Spain with perhaps one of the best (and most memorable!) being to go to a village fiesta.  Many of these occur in July and August and there is almost certainly a village close to you that will be ’in fiesta’.

Does this sound a bit tame?

Well – go to a Spanish village fiesta and any illusions about a village fiesta being ‘tame’ will soon go.  Indeed, most fiestas are quite extraordinary and provide a heady mixture of religious processions and parades, amazing fireworks, terrific bands (rock etc.), early morning discos and partying on an epic scale –all of which will take place during an orgy of partying over a whole week.

Siesta to fiesta – village fiestas in Spain

In fact, fiestas have to be seen to be believed and they bear no relationship, at all, to anything comparable in the UK.  For me, both my village fiesta and local town (Gandia) fiesta are the very best times of the year.  This when the vibrant, eccentric and seductive culture of Spain is displayed at its very best, combining as it does the ancient with the modern.

So, if you are going on a summer holiday to Spain then do check out whether any local villages in your area are having their fiestas.  If they are, then go along – and experience something really wonderful.  You will be entranced by the beauty, delighted by the vibrant atmosphere and amazed by the partying – all of which is done in a peaceful and fun way.  Indeed, you will probably enjoy an experience that you will remember long after your days on the beach have vanished into a blur of indistinct memories.

However, of one thing be aware!  The live music in village fiestas in Spain is quite likely to start at 01.00 hrs in the morning – so be prepared for a long day!

Nick Snelling


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