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There are many enticing reasons to visit Spain – the culture and climate to name just two. My passion has always been to travel, experience something new and as Spain is the country I have chosen to make my home I have extra enthusiasm when it comes to holidaying here.

As a consequence, QuirkyAccom.com, my growing directory of unusual places to stay, was conceived whilst looking out on a striking Andusian landscape having woken from a dreamy sleep to fresh air and crisp sheets at Altiplano Tipis near Baza. This image now shows as the banner image of my website. It confirmed to me then that the sheer quality and nature of accommodation can add so much to a destination – it can bring the culture and surroundings closer and make a trip all the more memorable by adding a touch of the unique. So I bring to you my favourite Spanish gems from QA – click here to see more.

Design and art hotels are becoming more popular all over the world.  Here is a great example, in Madrid, where 100 artists have added dynamic creativity to a white backdrop. Dormirdcine.


Cabo de Gato – This place is a coastal national park, which is like Spain from times past.  Low rise, white buildings around sandy beaches, a great coastal walk, and naturist hideaways. At La Joya de Cabo de Gato you can stay in Bedouin tents or the farmhouse. I love the Moroccan styling of this place and the pool.

Cabanes al Arbres, in Catalunya, allows you to fulfil a childhood dream of sleeping amongst the branches of a tree, enjoying the views from your terrace to the Pyrenees.

In the North, at San Sebastian, a former cinema has been recreated into a contemporary hotel, called Astoria 7, with rooms dedicated to actors and directors from the big screen. It is the place to stay for San Sebastian’s International Film Festival in September.

The Baza and Guadix area, east of Granada, have interesting cave accommodation.  I like the look of Cuevas La Granja where you can enhance the Spanish experience by arranging cooking, wine, language and flamenco courses.

Barcelona is a vibrant city, with the added attraction of Gaudi’s fantasy architecture. Visiting La Sagrada Familia, in my opinion, is a must. I recently stayed at the Hotel Neri, a sophisticated boutique hotel within an 18th century palace. The Gothic district with its shops, plazas and the Cathedral are right on the doorstep.
If you like the Costa Blanca coast but want to be away from the hustle and bustle, then the B&B apartment at Finca Pura Vida gives you great access to hiking and biking in the mountains, whilst the beaches are still within reach. The apartment is attached to a large modern home beautifully styled with design features, and has wonderful views through the valley towards the sea.


Hotel Benicàssim is an eclectic choice – fresh and colourful – and found in the historic centre of town.  I’m off to the Festival Internacional de Benicàssim in a few days so I will be able to review it on my return.

At QuirkyAccom.com, we aim to unite, in one directory, accommodation with something special and unusual to offer. Often these places are independently owned which means the service you receive is likely to be personal and to a high standard.  Furnishings and decor may be quirky or individual, and the location a special corner you may otherwise never stumble across.  Others may be in a city but adding a real feel for the place you are in – unlike those uninspiring hotel rooms that can be found all over the world looking almost identical. There are other specialist categories too, for example, for sport, health, wildlife or naturist enthusiasts.  Let QuirkyAccom.com do the research for you and bring you a wide selection of accommodation that is anything but ordinary.

Jess Waters – Culture Spain

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