Sep 212012
Spanish fiestas in September


Contrary to what you may believe, September is a good time for fiestas in Spain.  This was pointed out to me recently by my pal, Rod Younger, who runs Books4Spain – the best on-line bookshop for Spain related books on the marketplace.

Indeed, Rod has just produced an article on some of the unusual fiestas in Spain in September and these may be of interest to you, if you are in Spain now or thinking of coming over shortly.  As you will see there is no shortage of Spanish fiestas and some of these are (as is so often the case in Spain) pretty wacky!

On a personal basis, I am a sucker for fiestas and go to any around me.  They are invariably great fun and colourful, life enhancing occasions.

Meanwhile, Rod has asked me to highlight the recent publication of The Sentinel  by Mark Oldfield –  a copy of which you can win!  This seems an opportunity not to miss, particularly if your read Rod’s review of the book.

I should mention that Rod is an Anglo-Spaniard and his recommendations and comments on books and the culture of Spain are always worth paying attention to as he has a perspective that most of us lack.  In any event do have a look at The Sentinel and do not miss going to any fiestas that may be happening around you.

Nick Snelling


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