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Holidays in Spain, the cost


Well, this is interesting – the Spanish government has revealed figures about the cost of a holiday in Spain.  This, of course, should be of interest to anyone thinking of booking their Spanish holidays, whilst trying to work out how much it will cost them.

According to the Spanish industry Minister the amount spent by a visitor to Spain in 2012 averaged out at 109.5 Euros a day.  So, multiply this by the days you intend to spend in Spain and add the travel costs – and you may come up with a reasonably accurate idea of how much your summer holiday in Spain may cost.

Of course, averages are a bit meaningless, as everything depends upon the type of holiday you intend having and there is, obviously, no possible comparison between having a holiday in Spain on a campsite during the winter and two weeks in a five star hotel in Puerto Banus!

Nonetheless, my instinct is that the ministry’s figure for a package type holiday on the Spanish coast is probably not too far out.

Interestingly, 2012 was a boom year for Spanish tourism with a staggering 57.9 tourists coming to the country.  This is an incredible figure given that the Spanish population is just over 47 million and it just shows the importance of the tourist industry to the Spanish economy – which earned some 55,777 million euros from foreign tourists last year.

Meanwhile, if you are thinking about choosing a holiday in Spain then you may be interested to know that Spain is ranked (by the Post Office Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer) as the cheapest country in Europe to go to.  In fact, it appears that the cost of dining out has actually fallen by 50% (much the same as the value of Spanish housing!) when compared to that of five years ago.

When it comes to tourism the good news keeps on coming for Spain with the Country Brand Ranking report (Bloom Consulting) stating that Spain ranks second (just after the USA) amidst the 160 countries surveyed.  The value of a country branding rank may seem a bit ‘airy- fairy’ to you, the holidaymaker, but it does have some value, as it measures what people are looking for and how well a country performs in providing what is required.


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Certainly, Spain provides outstanding value for money and  I am reminded of this virtually every time I go out to a bar (and I live here permanently!).  Drinks in Spain are invariably very cheap and eating out amazingly so.

Indeed, one of the ‘secrets’ to Spanish dining (missed by many tourists) is the daily menu del dia (from around 13.30 hrs to 16.00 hrs every weekday), offered by most bars and restaurants.

Get away from the high tourist areas in your resort and you will find that you can thrill to a three course meal with wine for anything from 7 Euros per head to (in an upmarket restaurant 14 – 15 Euros per head).  This is a terrific value – and, as a canny tourist, you should eat your main meal at lunchtime, to get the greatest value possible for his money.  Of course, this also makes good sense in the middle of summer, when you will avoid the hottest part of the day and be able to have a siesta before going back onto the beach.  All of which is logical and matches the sensible Spanish way of doing things!

In fact, the great thing about holidays in Spain and summer holidays here in particular is that you really do not have to spend a lot of money once you are in the country.  The weather is invariably fabulous and apart from food and drinks you do not have too many other costs.  Obviously, you need to make sure that any car hire is planned well in advance so that you get the best deal possible.

However, for the most part, you do not need to spend a fortune to have a wonderfully invigorating holiday in Spain – a country justifiably renowned for being welcoming.  It is also somewhere that is used to foreigners and that has a well-developed infrastructure for dealing with international holidaymakers.  Indeed, the enduring popularity of Spain, as shown by the enormous numbers of people coming here every year, unarguably confirms the fact that Spain continues to provide a great holiday experience.

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