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Leaving small footprints when you travel in Spain doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your holiday experience. It is possible to be eco-friendly and stay in the most enticing places. I suggest 2.

If you haven’t already been to the Conservation area near Almeria, you will be delighted to discover that Cabo de Gata is unspoilt, old-style Spain. The houses are low-rise and white-washed, many of the beaches left just as nature intended and the laid-back atmosphere adds to the effect that time has stood still here. Agua Amarga is a great base for your adventures, and outside this charming coastal town you can settle into the Jewel (La Joya) as it is appropriately named.
La Joya has 2 farm cottages and a bedouin tent for guests – all beautifully styled with Andalusian and Morrocan charm. The whole property is run on ecological principles – solar energy, water and waste recycling, bioclimatic construction and organic gardening. Wander the gardens, relax on your terrace or soak in the pool that has been styled like a Roman bath… This oasis has been prepared as your haven of tranquility.
However, if you should wish to be more active there are horse-riding, 4×4 or camel excursions and diving or boat trips close by. And if you have a few days to spare, and a good pair of walking boots, a coastal path can take you from one end of Cabo de Gata to the other.
An ecological hotel offering beachside accommodation, a spa, gym and choice of restaurants can be found on the Catalan coast, near Girona. The Old Hostal has been renovated since the days when early archaeologists came to work on the Greek and Roman ruins of Empúries at the turn of the 20th century. Recently the New Hostal has been added using sustainable materials and the latest technology.
The Hostal Empúries as been accredited with being a Leader in Energy and Environmental design and prioritises improving the world we live in at every opportunity, including supporting Third World development projects. Whilst pampering yourself and making the most of your surroundings at Hostal Empúries, you can feel assured that you are doing more good than harm!
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