Jan 052014


I was recently sent a great documentary film about Valencian food. This is by a friend of mine, Zev Robinson, who is a highly regarded film maker. Although Canadian, Zev lives in Spain, is married to a Spaniard and knows the country intimately.

Called Valencian Roots, Zev’s wonderful short film captures the very essence of country life in Valencia and is fascinating for its close look at the products produced in Valencia and the way that they are turned into delicious dishes.

If you love Spain and its food and you want to see the reality of the Spanish countryside and farmers at work – then do watch Valencian Roots. It is a 20 minute gem:

For more information about Zev Robinson and his films do see http://zevrobinson.com/  and, if you have the chance, watch some of his other films relating to Spain such as Life on the Douro, Dinastía Vivanco and La Bobal.  All are terrific and provide an extraordinary insight into Spain and the people who live here.  Certainly, Zev has a remarkable way of portraying contemporary Spanish life and he has a talent for finding real characters.

Nick Snelling

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  1. Coming from a “foodie” background and having worked front of house for Michelin starred chefs in the USA, I could really appreciate his portrayal of Spanish food and the insight from those master chefs. Good work! Keep it coming!

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