Feb 182015


Do you have construction problems in Spain – is your property suffering from subsidence, damp, a defective pool, an unsound roof or possibly a collapsing retaining wall?

If you have any of these problems then you may be interested in Building Defects Spain, a business that specialises in resolving building problems in Spain.  It is run by a fully qualified, bi-lingual British building surveyor, who is fully qualified both in Spain and the UK.  Furthermore, the business has a number of collaborating, bi-lingual lawyers who are experts in construction disputes in Spain – who can act for you, should you have a dispute with your builder or architect.

Certainly, it is not unusual to have construction problems in Spain, sadly.  Some of the building work that was undertaken during the boom years was very poor and some ‘new’ properties can have an extensive array of problems.  This is, of course, also true of some older houses as well, most particularly those built in the countryside.  Many of the latter were constructed by the Spanish as ‘summer’ houses and lack insulation, damp proof courses and the benefits of proper (supervised) modern construction techniques.

So, to have problems with your house in Spain is not unusual albeit that, one way or another, most problems can be resolved with carefully planned and managed remedial work.   Meanwhile, some of the problems in newer houses are often subject to the Decenal Policy – the insurance that a builder must have when building a new house.  This policy is similar to the NHBC policy available in the UK and is useful should you have structural faults.

However, the Decenal Policy has two problems.  One is that it is valid for only ten years.  So, if you have a relatively new property that is showing signs of any structural defects then you should act immediately to establish whether these are covered by your Decenal Policy before it expires.  Given that many new houses were built during the boom yours may now be on the point of expiry – so a careful assessment of your property now is a good idea.



The second ‘problem’ with the Decenal Insurance policy is that there are restrictions upon what construction related problems you can claim for.  The Decenal Policy is restrictive in what it covers and equally, claiming successfully (as is so often the case with insurance companies!) can be an uphill battle without a professional surveyor on your side to fight your corner!

Of course, it is not always easy to tackle construction problems in Spain unless you are also reasonably fluent in the language, as well as being technically sound in building matters.  So, using Building Defects Spain can be a solution for you and enable you to have on your side the qualified personnel that you need who can act for you, whilst providing the solution to and management of your building issues.

For more information, contact me or go to http://buildingdefectspain.com – which has a good deal of information on typical building problems in Spain, together with lots of images of common construction issues that you may find very useful…

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