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If you are interested in Spain and love photography – perhaps I can recommend a new book by internationally acclaimed (and award winning) photographer, Jurgen Schadeberg.  His new book España Then and Now is a superb record of Spain from the 1970s to today.  It has a range of fabulous photographs, which document the development of Spain from before the Transition to 2014.

Jurgen Schadeberg, as you may know is one of the world’s top documentary photographers who was, last year, awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Politecnica University of Valencia.  Amongst his many other awards, is the International Center of Photography Cornell Capa Lifetime Achievement Award presented in New York.  Meanwhile, his photograph of Nelson Mandela looking through the bars of his Robben Island Cell in 1994 was voted as one of the 50 most memorable images of the 20th century by The Photographers Gallery in London.

So – a book by Jurgen about Spain (now his home country) is not something to be missed!

The official launch of ESPAÑA THEN AND NOW is on:

Thursday 10th September (20.00 hrs)

Railowsky Bookshop in Valencia
 Calle Gravador Esteve 34, 46004 Valencia
Tel: 96 351 7218

The book sells for Euros 25

Certainly, España Then and Now is full of wonderful images that evoke Spain in a way that you will find memorable. His character portraits are remarkable and he has an uncanny way of telling a story through a single image that is astonishing.  His photography is the antipathy of the snap and shoot pictures that all of us see every day on the Internet and elsewhere.

Of course, it is easy to forget what Spain was like before the Transition (1975 -1978).  Then Spain was almost a Third World country and Jurgen brings this era to life and, with it, the astonishing shock caused by foreign tourism and the new, permissive culture of the First World.  Look at his pictures of Andalusia and you will see the reverberations that vibrated through Spain as it entered the modern age and threw off the shackles of Francoism.

However, one of the beauties of Jurgen’s book, España Then and Now, is that captures Spain and its people in the present day.  This, of course, provides the book with a seductive balance and the benefit of being able to contrast old and new Spain in one photographic record.

Incidentally, within the book there is a terrific series of photographs showing a bull fight.  If these images do not put you off this dismal sport then nothing will and I only wish more people could see them.  They are a further tribute to Jurgen’s towering talent and show how a true professional can take photographs that, unadorned and factual, can say so much and have such power.

If you are interested in buying Jurgen’s book now then do contact him directly by e-mail:  and do take the opportunity of visiting his web site Jurgen Schadeberg to see some of his other work.

Invitation Spain Then and Now

Nick Snelling

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