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Culture Spain is for all things Spanish….

Indeed, our aim at Culture Spain is to provide you with exceptional, authoritative writing that conveys the reality of Spain both culturally and with regard to contemporary life in Spain.  This is backed up by experienced writers who really know Spain and the reality of Spain and who are not afraid to express their views – both for good or bad.

Certainly, Spain is a complicated country.  It is geographically huge and each area has a quite separate identity with, sometimes, even a different language.  Go to Andalusia and then to Catalonia, for example, and you will find that ‘Spanish’ culture in the two areas is very different. The same is true of so much of Spain that generalities about the ‘Spanish’ or ‘Spanish culture’ quickly become redundant – as well as being inaccurate when applied to the whole.

In fact, in some ways, Spain is many countries living under one banner.  That is the glory of Spain and what makes it so fascinating, whether you are living in Spain or just  coming here on holiday. Either way, there is enough to see and do to keep you busy for a lifetime.

However, to really enjoy Spain you need to have some kind of idea of what Spain is about and what it has to offer.  The more you know, the more you will delight in living in Spain and the more you will get out of any holiday here.  So, at Culture Spain we try hard to provide you with as much relevant information about Spain as possible.  We tackle ‘breaking news’ and controversies along with living and historic Spanish culture and analysis of the Spanish economy – the latter being of importance if you are buying Spanish property or living in Spain full time.

Needless to say, Spain is too massive a subject to be covered adequately on one site.  So, at Culture Spain we have sister web sites that specifically tackle distinct areas of life in Spain such as:

Spain Football – a Blog written by professional, international football agent, Clive Jagger who is tri-lingual and knows just about everything there is to know about Spanish football, La Liga and soccer in Latin America.  Always on the move around the world, Clive provides a fascinating insight into the world of professional football – from behind the scenes!

Spain Food and Wine – written by Spanish wine and food expert Andrew Linn who has been in Spain for the past forty years and knows the country ‘backwards’.  Andrew’s Posts and articles on Spanish wine are great fun and should be required reading for anyone interested in Spanish wine, Spanish bodegas and the history and development of Spanish wine and food.
Casa LaSafor Property in Spain

Spain Travel – a constantly updated Blog with articles on every aspect of travelling in Spain and holidays in Spain.  Here you can read all about the secrets to renting villas and apartments in Spain, as well as which fiestas to go to and what exhibitions and shows are worth attending.  Always interesting and enlightening, reading Spain Travel will enhance any holiday in Spain and allow you to maximise your precious free time!

Finally, at Culture Spain we are always interested in hearing about your experiences and opinions of Spain – and we adore interesting and well written articles.  So, if you have something to say then contact us and help everyone to enjoy their time in Spain


(Author of four books on Spain)

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