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If you are looking for a range of articles about Spain that will immediately provide you with a fascinating and compelling insight into the country then look no further.  Below you will see up to date articles on some of the controversial issues that still echo around the country – from the Transition to democracy and the invasion of the Moors through to drug use, prostitution, corruption, immigration and the reality of the notorious Borgias!

ALL THE KING’S MEN – Politics in Spain and the thrilling story of the death of General Franco, the development of democracy in Spain and the deadly Tejero crisis.

BIG BANG – The birth of modern Spain and the astonishing rise of Spain as it was united and became the greatest power in Europe helped, of course, by its merciless conquistadors.

CONFESSIONS OF A CALL GIRL IN SPAIN – The amazing story of a top class prostitute in Spain, what she does, why she became a prostitute and what it is like to work in a brothel in Spain. 

HOOKED – ‘The gateway to Hell’, the reality of drugs in Spain, the drugs war, the types of drugs used and the stories  of drug addicts and those working to help them.

MELTDOWN IN MARBELLA – ‘The Godfather, a face lift and Mr Clean’, the incredible tale of corruption in Marbella and the appalling problems that this created.

ON THE ROCKS – Divorce and domestic violence in Spain is a major issue and one that is a scar upon Spain despite the urgent efforts of the government to help women.  But why has Spain got one of the highest divorce rates in Europe.

CLUBBING TOGETHER – Spain’s brothel culture is a huge surprise for anyone who thought that Spain was a conservative and deeply religious country.  Quite clearly this is not the case…

THE BIG ISSUE – Few issues in Spain are more controversial than immigration and the mass immigration in Spain that has occurred over the past few years.  This has been a shock to the Spanish but then they need mass immigration (or do they?)  

THE BORGIAS – Few families in the world have been as notorious as the Borgias with Lucrezia Borgia and Caesar Borgia famous worldwide.  Were they really as bad that portrayed?

WHAT DID THE MOORS DO FOR US? – The Moors entered Spain in 711 and left (reluctantly) hundreds of  later.  Although they are much reviled now, in fact they contributed an amazing amount to both Spain and Europe.

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