Jun 202012
Sailing around Spain, a sea of regulations

Going afloat for pleasure is something I’m supposed to know about. I had a modest 27’ sloop [thanks to the incompetence of an accountant that came out in my favour, for once]  took various sailing courses and bought the boatyard inDevonwhere I’d moored her. As my shipwright used to say, “You didn’t need to by a boatyard to go sailing.” It seemed like a good idea at the time. Not really … It is the […]

May 142012
Horse riding in Spain, the Spanish school

Spain is, of course, famous for its horses and its riding.  In fact, one of the emblems of Spain is a proud male rider astride a huge, white Andalusian horse, its short, powerful neck arched and its forelegs thrown ‘artificially’ high as it moves forward.  The rider is usually seen wearing a black waistcoat, a broad brimmed hat, black jodhpurs, long boots and spurs and is seated on a Western style saddle with large metal […]

Mar 012012
Show jumping in Spain, from the best in the world!

Do you want a really good day out? Do you enjoy seeing the best in any sport – and can you really resist seeing excellent show jumping in Spain? Well, I hope not – because the MET (Mediterranean Equestrian Tour) 2012 is going on right now and is located only a few kilometers away from Gandia (Valencia Province, Spain) close to the small coastal town of Oliva. In fact, the MET is being hosted by […]

Jan 132012
Holidays in Spain, climbing on the Costa Blanca

One of the joys of living in Spain for me is my ability to rock climb throughout the year – something that was extremely difficult in the UK, where the weather made almost every trip out a feat of endurance!  This is far from the case when you are climbing on the Costa Blanca when, even in the middle of winter, you can revel in conditions that would match the finest experienced on a British […]

Dec 312011
Bird watching in Valencia, a terrific day out!

A couple of days ago, I had a wonderful day out bird watching in Valencia – something that none of my family thought I would do (let alone enjoy the experience). Well, it was a revelation! Probably like most women, I tend to get caught in the house during the Christmas period, barely able to escape from the constant round of meals, entertaining and tidying up.  And then, of course, there are the children to […]

Nov 092011
Bird Watching in Spain, the stunning diversity of Valencia

The east coast of Spain, particularly the area that lies within the Valencian Community, offers some of the best bird watching in Europe.  Of course, bird life in Spain is exceptional, by anyone’s standards, but this is all the more notable in the Valencia region of Spain.  Indeed, bird watching in Valencia is unusual for its extraordinary diversity.  This is due to two key factors: Firstly, the geographical position of Spain as a country means […]

Jun 132011
Climbing in Spain

One of the great things about Spain is the ability to do outdoor sports – pretty much throughout the year.  For anyone living here this is a tremendous luxury and this is particularly true of sports that require dry weather.  Indeed, it is one of the very good reasons for moving to Spain. Certainly, Mediterranean Spain tends to bathe in the luxury of over 300 clear days a year and this is a boon whether […]

May 102011
Valencia and horse riding

Whoops! I completely missed advising you about a terrific event that was due to occur at the Valencia City of Arts and Sciences during the weekend.  This was all the more regrettable – because I had bookedup long before, went myself – and had a fantastic time! During the weekend the Global Champions Tour was run beside the Valencia science museum.  For those unfamiliar with the event, it is a show jumping competition that is […]

Jan 242011
Horse riding in Spain

Of course, one of the great things about Spain is its climate and, along with that, the ease with which you can do outdoor activities pretty much throughout the year.  One activity that is well worth taking advantage of is horse riding which takes many different forms in Spain, depending upon what you want.  Certainly, there is no shortage of horse riding in Spain as the Spanish love their horses and stables are common to all […]

Oct 112010
Bullfighting in Spain, what happens

I am sure that most Spaniards would think (probably correctly) that few people outside Spain have the faintest clue about bullfighting.  Most non-Spaniards instinctively dislike it – and are shocked by the bloodletting and apparent savagery.  And yet, bullfighting in Spain remains popular and is considered by many Spaniards to be a fundamental part of the very culture of Spain. So, what is it all about? Well, probably the best explanation of bullfighting in Spain […]

Aug 162010
Spanish horses and riding in Spain

I could not resist doing a quick Post on Spanish horses and riding in Spain.  Partially, this is to please my daughter, who is obsesssed by horses and rides at every possible opportunity.  I also rather wanted to share my photograph of a stunning Fresian being shoed! Thankfully in our area (around Gandia in Valencia Province) there are untold places to ride and some excellent stables.  My daughter, for example, rides at a place called  […]