Aug 052015

If you are interested in Spain and love photography – perhaps I can recommend a new book by internationally acclaimed (and award winning) photographer, Jurgen Schadeberg.  His new book España Then and Now is a superb record of Spain from the 1970s to today.  It has a range of fabulous photographs, which document the development of Spain from before the Transition to 2014. Jurgen Schadeberg, as you may know is one of the world’s top […]

Jan 272014
Salvador Dalí, one of Spain’s greatest artists?

No mention of Spain’s greatest artists would be complete without at least a mention of Salvador Dalí, (1904 – 1989), who was born and died in Figueres, Spain.  Dalí was certainly an extraordinary man who bestrode the art world during the 20th Century, although in a way that defies easy classification.  He was a showman, surrealist, artist, sculptor, jewelry designer, photographer, film maker, writer and designer.  He was prolific, a joker – and almost impossible […]

Jan 212014
Santiago Calatrava, Spain’s greatest architect?

Santiago Calatrava (b. 1951 in Valencia) seems to be constantly in the news at the moment – unfortunately, not always for the best of reasons.  Indeed, his reputation as possibly Spain’s greatest architect may be under threat.  This is due to a series of problems relating to the quality of construction of some of his projects, together with disgruntlement about significant cost over runs on his projects.   Of course, Calatrava’s designs are often quite fantastic […]

Dec 202013
Joan Miró, an icon for the culture of Spain?

One of the icons of modern Spanish culture, of course, must be Joan Miró – famous for his surrealist paintings and magic realism.  Born in Barcelona in 1893, Joan Miró was Catalan to his core and would, no doubt, be urging Catalan secession from Spain, if he was alive today! He started painting at an early age before briefly starting conventional work.  This, evidently, quickly drove him to a nervous breakdown and a firm desire […]