Sep 212012
September fiestas in Spain and an excellent new book

Contrary to what you may believe, September is a good time for fiestas in Spain.  This was pointed out to me recently by my pal, Rod Younger, who runs Books4Spain – the best on-line bookshop for Spain related books on the marketplace. Indeed, Rod has just produced an article on some of the unusual fiestas in Spain in September and these may be of interest to you, if you are in Spain now or thinking […]

Jul 162012
The most popular books about Spain

Do you know what the most popular books about Spain are? Well, I had no idea – so I asked my pal Rod Younger of Books4Spain to draw up a shortlist of the most popular books about Spain that he sells.  I thought that this would be interesting, as it would stand as a handy guide for anyone seeking some good summer reading. As many of you know, Rod runs Books4Spain which is an on-line […]

May 292012
How to buy Spanish property and move to Spain – safely!

  I am delighted to say that my book ‘How to Buy Spanish Property and Move to Spain – Safely!’ is now finally available on Kindle. The book has been very well reviewed, as you can see, by a whole series of professionals, all of whom know Spain intimately:  “…really informative and up to date…” Liz Rowlinson, A Place in the Sun “…required reading…”     Martin Dell, “…it’s like the “moving to Spain Bible…”     Justin Aldridge, “…invaluable…”     Jack […]

Mar 152012
Jason Webster, author of five books about Spain and expert on the culture of Spain

Few people know the complexities of Spain better than Jason Webster, who has written five books about Spain – four of which have been factual.  In fact, Jason is an acknowledged expert on the complex and fascinating culture of Spain and writes for a number of quality newspapers in the UK, as their expert on the country. Jason’s first book was Duende, which has become a standard work for anyone interested in flamenco, one of […]

Dec 112011
Special Discounts for Culture Spain readers as Books4Spain takes on Amazon

Recently, I was having a chat with Rod Younger of Books4Spain about the sales of books and the revolution in the way that books are sold.  This, of course, is of some importance to me as the author of five books with my new book, The Laptop Entrepreneur, out this week.  The question, of course, is how to buy books now and the importance of niche on-line book shops – with Rod Younger offering a […]

Nov 252011
Books about Spain, a wonderful new resource!

I am delighted to be able to report that my friend, Rod Younger, has just opened his on-line book store: Books4Spain (  This, as the name suggests, is a specialist book store that deals only in English language books and ebooks about Spain, whether fact or fiction. Most conventional book stores have a restricted number of books about Spain – with books about Spain usually scattered throughout a shop, depending upon their category: fiction, travel, biography, history, […]

Sep 242011
New book about Spain, buying property in Spain and moving to Spain

I am delighted to report that my book ‘How to Buy Spanish Property and Move to Spain – Safely’ has just been published in print form, as well as being now available on Kindle and as an e-book.  In fact, I received my first copies yesterday, which is always a nerve wracking moment for an author (does the cover look alright – are there any hidden errors etc.?).  However, it looks good and should do […]

Apr 192011
Buy Spanish property safely!

 Buy Now! Print version from Amazon – only £14.99 Buy Now! Kindle version from Amazon – only £7.99 Buy E-Book Version – only £7.99 80,000 words – 327 pages! 26 sections! plus over 160 vital Spanish Terms and Definitions plus Useful Contacts 9 highly qualified, professional contributors (Spanish and British) Written by a Spanish industry ‘insider’ and professional author “…required reading…”     Martin Dell, “…it’s like the “moving to Spain Bible…”     Justin Aldridge, “…invaluable…”     Jack Troughton, Round Town News “…excellent…”     […]

Aug 102010
Move to Spain (Safely!)

If you do any research into moving to Spain then it will not take you long to find out that the process is nothing less than a minefield – most particularly if you intend buying a Spanish property.  Indeed, the more you read, the more that you will come across horror stories which are likely to fill you with misgivings.  Before long, you may even decide not to move to Spain… It would be great […]