Feb 112013
Barcelona, for really special holidays in Spain!

One of the most wonderful aspects to Spain, for any tourist, lies in the sheer variety of places and cultures that exist in the country.  Indeed, it is fair to say that Spain is many different ‘countries’ within one state.  After all, the contrasts between, say, Andalucia and Madid are as stark as that between Galicia and Valencia.  The same language (for the most part) may be spoken but almost everything else is different.  This […]

Sep 202012
An interview with Dan Lepard at San Sebastian (First for Foodies!)

The Basque city of San Sebastian has long been renowned for its fabulous food but now it is officially the best place to eat in the world, as judged by Which Consumer group experts. San Sebastian emerged as the favourite food destination with a score of 81%, beating the other well-known culinary capitals of Tokyo, Sydney, New York and Paris. The judges, comprising of restaurant critics, food authors and bloggers, were impressed by the standard of Pintxos […]

Jul 182012
Beautiful Aragon in Spain – so much to offer to holidaymakers!

Aragon in Spain is a land of distinctive landscapes from its snowy Pyrenean peaks and rust-coloured plains to its lush green valleys, and yet it is often overlooked by the tourist throngs. Its terrain is harsh and dramatic; its scenery breath-taking and impressive. It is remotely serene and more peaceful than the heaving Costas, whilst providing a host of activities – if you only know where to find them! Geographically located in the North East […]

Jan 112012
The amazing culture of Malaga

Spain is blessed with numerous cities and towns that are veritable treasure chests of cultural gems for the discerning heritage hunter, yet few people would automatically think of Malaga. Indeed, Malaga is best known for being the ‘gateway’ to the Costa Del Sol and its legendary beaches, resorts, late night bars and clubs. As a consequence, few people give Malaga a second glance. However, those who do take time to stop and look around Malaga […]

Oct 102011
Sevilla and falling in love with Spain

If you are looking for a quick break or a base for an extended trip around Andalusia you would be wise to head directly for Seville and do not pass Go! As the capital of Andalusia, there is much to admire; culture, food and dance set against a stunning backdrop of ornate and stylish architecture. Set on the banks of the Guadalquivir, it is hard not to be struck by the beauty of Sevilla. The […]

Sep 122011
Madrid, culture capital of Spain

Madrid, of course, is the capital of Spain and the largest city in Spain with some 3.4 million people.  The next biggest cities in Spain are Barcelona and Valencia. Interestingly, Madrid is also the third biggest metropolitan area in the EU (with a population of some 6.2 million) after London and Paris and its importance within Spain as a cultural and commercial powerhouse should never be underestimated.  Most major Spanish companies have their headquarters in […]

Aug 282011
Granada, the best of Spain

“Thou dost weep like a woman for what thou couldst not defend as a man,” spat out the mother of Boabdil, the last Moorish leader in Spain.  It was the 2nd of January 1492 and both were leaving the gorgeous Alhambra Palace in the city of Granada, now in the hands of the Spanish Reyes Catolicos (Ferdinand and Isabella).  The last scene of the Reconquista was being played out and finally, after an erratic 800 […]

Aug 022011
Gandia, Valencia Province, Spain

Gandia is a town located on the mid eastern side board of Spain.  It is within Valencia Province (one of the three Provinces of the Autonomous Region of Valencia Comunitat de Valencia) and is situated some 70 kms south of Valencia City.  The immediate area around Gandia is known as La Safor which comprises a number of small towns and villages of which Gandia is the ‘capital’. Gandia has a permanent population of some 80,000 […]

Apr 292011
Valencia City of Arts and Sciences

I defy anyone who comes to Valencia city not to be entranced by the City of Arts and Sciences. It is, justifiably, one of the greatest tourist attractions in Spain and a tribute to modern Spanish vision and design. Indeed, the City of Arts and Sciences is such a triumph that, alone, it makes any visit to Spain worthwhile. However, the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia city is avowedly not just for intellectuals […]

Feb 142011
Madrid’s Cultural Attractions

Madrid, capital of Spain, is located on the river Manzanares and is the political centre of Spain. Although the city possesses modern architecture and technology, it endeavours to preserve the heritage of its past and offers many cultural treats: The Royal Palace The Royal Palace is the official residence of the King of Spain and is partly open to the public when it’s not being used for official business. The Palace is home to important […]

Feb 072011
The Alhambra and the Moors in Spain

Some years ago, I was commissioned to write an article which ended up entitled ‘What did the Moors do for us?’.  This was, needless to say, a ‘take’ on the famous scene in ‘The Life of Brian’ where the same question was asked about the Romans. Before I started my research my answer to ‘What did the Moors do for us’ would have been ‘precious little’,  However, by the time I started writing I was […]

Jan 212011
Barcelona: 10 tips to avoid being robbed in Barcelona!

Recently, I was in contact with Natasha Young who is a great writer and specialises in writing about life in Barcelona.  She is passionate about Barcelona but equally apoplectic about robbery in Barcelona and the street crime that occurs there.  So, she was keen that I drew your attention to this problem – and her excellent advice.   Certainly, if you want to avoid being robbed in Barcelona then you should follow carefully what Natasha […]