Feb 282013
Moving to Spain and concern about Spain’s endemic corruption

Andrew Lin’s recent article on Corruption and the Legal System in Spain is pretty depressing for someone like me, teetering on the brink of moving to Spain to make a new life. I’ve recently read several books about the Borgia family, or Borjas, as they were in their native Spain, based in Xativa and then Valencia. The notoriety of this family is a paradigm for nepotism and corruption, though it was the males of the […]

Dec 062012
10 solutions to the crisis in Spain!

In a recent Post (The crisis in Spain and the fundamentals of the economic breakdown) I assessed the current situation in Spain and came up with a rather gloomy prognosis.  However, at the same time, I did say that there were a lot of things that could be done to improve matters. Whilst I do not think there are any quick ways to restore Spain to its past economic health, I believe that some matters […]

Jun 022012
Spain’s crisis, a unique view from an Anglo/Spaniard

As ever, Nick is spot on (Spain to leave the Eurozone or accept a bailout?) and the analogy between town halls and Cajas is apt – in fact, local politicians ran the Cajas so they are all in it together (I heard yesterday that the Deputy Mayor of Coin – 20,000 people had raised his salary to €5,000 a month!). What is truly amazing to me is that it has taken this long for the […]

May 292012
Is Spain about to be bailed out?

Here is my latest update of the UK pound to euro exchange rate, covering the 22th to 29th May 2012. This is intended as a brief guide to what’s affected the exchange rate this past week as well as what might happen next, to help you decide if now’s the best time for you to change currencies. This week: The pound to euro exchange rate is back above 1.25 this week, as the crisis in […]

Mar 232012
Andalusia and a potential revolution in Spain

UPDATE: 26.03.12 The Spanish conservative (PP) party has won the most votes in the Andalusian regional elections – but not an absolute majority.  The Regional government had 109 seats ‘up for grabs’, 50 of which went to the PP and 47 to the socialist (PSOE) party.  Meanwhile the United Left (IU) party won 12 seats.  So, the likelihood is that the PSOE and IU parties will form a coalition government, thus preventing the PP from […]

Feb 132012
Corruption in Spain and the curious case of Judge Garzon

So, Judge Baltasar Garzon has been banned from acting as a judge in Spain for eleven years, having been convicted of overstepping his authority when he authorised the wire-tapping of conversations between detainees and their lawyers in the notorious (and on-going) Gurtel corruption case. Garzon’s removal from the Spanish judiciary has been nothing if not controversial and has occurred amidst ferocious accusations that Judge Garzon is being victimised by Spain’s conservative establishment.  This is not […]

Jan 222012
Valencia debt, outrageous corruption in Spain and crooked politicians

A fascinating article was published by El Pais a few days ago, which should be required reading for anyone living in the Valencian Region (as I do).  It confirms, of course, what most commentators have suspected for years and is a powerful and stinging attack upon politicians within the Valencia Region, albeit from a left of centre newspaper. However, the fact of the matter is that the Spanish politicians who have controlled the Valencian Region […]

Jan 062012
Corruption in Spain, the finances of the Spanish royal family revealed

A few weeks ago I wrote about corruption in Spain – and within days the Spanish news had headlines about the King of Spain’s son in law (the Duke of Palma) being summoned to appear before a judge to answer questions relating to allegations of corruption.  These concern the misuse of public funds given to a foundation that the Duke of Palma ran and were revealed during a larger investigation into corruption in Mallorca called […]

Dec 082011
Corruption in Spain, still a problem

One thing that always saddens me about living in Spain is the level of corruption in Spain – despite the country priding itself upon its First World standards. Certainly, no-one who has lived in Spain, or tried to work here, would ever deny that corruption in Spain exists and that it is a malign influence upon many aspects of life. Corruption in Spain, as elsewhere in the world, takes many forms, of course.  It is […]

Nov 022011
Meltdown in Marbella, the Godfather, a facelift and Mr Clean

For property owners in Marbella the corruption and malfeasance of Marbella Town hall has been a nightmare of truly appalling proportions with an emotional cost difficult to calculate.  Some 600-700 properties risk being demolished whilst around 18,000 others are blighted by illegality.  Amazingly, one of the potentially richest towns in Spain is virtually bankrupt and has an infrastructure on the point of collapse.  The scandal of Marbella is a story that verges on the incredible. […]

Oct 072011
Spanish bank scandal

Spain is being rocked, at the moment, by the news that the directors of various Spanish banks have taken huge compensation packages – despite relentlessly driving their own banks to the point of destruction.  To everyone’s amazement, some of these packages have been awarded by the directors, to themselves, just days before the Bank of Spain was forced to bail out the banks concerned. A fine example is Novacaixagalicia whose directors shared out a whopping […]

Jun 072011
Demonstrations in Spain: what the Indignados are saying

The demonstrations in Spain continue with many town hall squares still full of Indignados (the Indignant) surrounded by banners expressing their wrath and dismay at the current situation in Spain.  Indeed, it would seem that the current protests in Spain are set to run for some time to come. But what are the Indignados actually saying and how extensive is their support? Well, on Saturday I went down to the main square of Gandia (my […]