Feb 012013
The best luxury family home for sale in Spain?

Finding the perfect family home in Spain can be surprisingly difficult – if you are looking for somewhere that has character, is well located, private, fully reformed (to a luxurious standard) and suitable for children. This may seem an odd assertion but look around and you will see that many properties for sale in Spain are on anaemic new estates with an elderly or second home demographic.  To make matters worse, these properties (however luxurious) […]

Aug 192011
The most perfect Art Déco house in Spain

Just occasionally, perhaps only once every four or five years, I come across a house in Spain that is truly extraordinary – somewhere that really does have the ‘Wow!’ factor.  Frankly, this is rare in Spain as many Spanish properties lack personality and this applies even to expensive villas on exclusive estates.  The latter can appear wonderful but often boast little more than anaemic luxury. Build: 500 m2 Reception Rooms: 4 Kitchen (x 2!) 3 bedrooms (with […]