Mar 122013
Health care in Spain - the best place in Europe for healthy living!

Well, it seems that if you want to live a long life in Europe then you should live in Spain – the Lancet claims that Spain is the top country in Europe for the healthiest life expectancy.  This is good news and maybe puts all the bad news about Spain into perspective! Certainly, healthy living in Spain must rank as one of the most important factors for anyone thinking of moving to Spain.  After all, […]

May 292012
How to buy Spanish property and move to Spain – safely!

  I am delighted to say that my book ‘How to Buy Spanish Property and Move to Spain – Safely!’ is now finally available on Kindle. The book has been very well reviewed, as you can see, by a whole series of professionals, all of whom know Spain intimately:  “…really informative and up to date…” Liz Rowlinson, A Place in the Sun “…required reading…”     Martin Dell, “…it’s like the “moving to Spain Bible…”     Justin Aldridge, “…invaluable…”     Jack […]

May 092012
Drugs in Spain, getting cheaper!

Have you noticed that the price of prescription drugs in Spain has dropped markedly over the past year?  So much so that, in some cases they have dropped in price by 75%!  I had noticed this happening over the past few months but I had thought that I was just imagining things.  However, this was confirmed to me by a chemist yesterday, who gave the illustration of her father whose prescription drugs have dropped in […]

Apr 102011
State health care in Spain

Sadly, once again, I have had to put state health care in Spain to the test – which is why Culture Spain has been down on Posts over the past few days.  On Tuesday, my beloved son collapsed and I had to rush him into our local hospital (Gandia), where he remains now (almost a week later). Needless to say, having your child in hospital is dreadfully stressful and never more so than when it […]

Apr 302010
Medical emergencies in Spain and state health care

So, I owe a very big thank you to the Spanish state health service! Recently they did nothing less than save my life – which is why there has been an absence of Posts on Culture Spain for a while… A couple of weeks ago, I had a heart attack! This, to put it mildly, was something of a shock. It was also extraordinarily painful, involved all the ignominy of being carted off to hospital […]

Sep 292009
State health care in Spain

Ten days ago I received a request from a media company for an article about health care in Spain to expand upon what I had written in my recent book ‘How to Move Safely to Spain’. By chance, within a couple of hours, I was taken into hospital with a potentially life threatening illness – making my writing commission nothing if not ironic! In fact, this was not the first time that I had been […]