Jun 012013
Really unusual places to stay in Spain

Leaving small footprints when you travel in Spain doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your holiday experience. It is possible to be eco-friendly and stay in the most enticing places. I suggest 2. La Joya de Cabo de Gata If you haven’t already been to the Conservation area near Almeria, you will be delighted to discover that Cabo de Gata is unspoilt, old-style Spain. The houses are low-rise and white-washed, many of the beaches […]

Feb 112013
Barcelona, for really special holidays in Spain!

One of the most wonderful aspects to Spain, for any tourist, lies in the sheer variety of places and cultures that exist in the country.  Indeed, it is fair to say that Spain is many different ‘countries’ within one state.  After all, the contrasts between, say, Andalucia and Madid are as stark as that between Galicia and Valencia.  The same language (for the most part) may be spoken but almost everything else is different.  This […]

Feb 032013
The cost of a holiday in Spain

Well, this is interesting – the Spanish government has revealed figures about the cost of a holiday in Spain.  This, of course, should be of interest to anyone thinking of booking their Spanish holidays, whilst trying to work out how much it will cost them. According to the Spanish industry Minister the amount spent by a visitor to Spain in 2012 averaged out at 109.5 Euros a day.  So, multiply this by the days you […]

Sep 212012
September fiestas in Spain and an excellent new book

Contrary to what you may believe, September is a good time for fiestas in Spain.  This was pointed out to me recently by my pal, Rod Younger, who runs Books4Spain – the best on-line bookshop for Spain related books on the marketplace. Indeed, Rod has just produced an article on some of the unusual fiestas in Spain in September and these may be of interest to you, if you are in Spain now or thinking […]

Sep 032012
Bikinis in Spain, a bit over the top

Recently I have been researching the history of Spain during the Franco era for a book that I have been commissioned to write and I came across a rather beguiling story concerning bikinis in Spain – a subject, no doubt, on many people’s minds! Firstly, did you know that bikinis were probably first worn by the Romans and that mosaics show women wearing them around the first centuries after the birth of Christ? This is […]

Jul 182012
Beautiful Aragon in Spain – so much to offer to holidaymakers!

Aragon in Spain is a land of distinctive landscapes from its snowy Pyrenean peaks and rust-coloured plains to its lush green valleys, and yet it is often overlooked by the tourist throngs. Its terrain is harsh and dramatic; its scenery breath-taking and impressive. It is remotely serene and more peaceful than the heaving Costas, whilst providing a host of activities – if you only know where to find them! Geographically located in the North East […]

Jul 072012
Wacky and unusual accommodation in Spain, for that really special holiday!

There are many enticing reasons to visit Spain – the culture and climate to name just two. My passion has always been to travel, experience something new and as Spain is the country I have chosen to make my home I have extra enthusiasm when it comes to holidaying here. As a consequence, QuirkyAccom.com, my growing directory of unusual places to stay, was conceived whilst looking out on a striking Andusian landscape having woken from […]

Jul 052012
Holidays in Spain, the secret to making the very best of them!

The question, of course, is how do you make the very best of your summer holidays in Spain? Certainly, choosing a great beach and workable holiday accommodation in Spain is essential.  Equally, you need to make sure that your surrounding area provides you with all the facilities you need and that you are not miles from the nearest bars and shops. But what about activities that are not centred on the beach? Is there anything […]

Jun 202012
Sailing around Spain, a sea of regulations

Going afloat for pleasure is something I’m supposed to know about. I had a modest 27’ sloop [thanks to the incompetence of an accountant that came out in my favour, for once]  took various sailing courses and bought the boatyard inDevonwhere I’d moored her. As my shipwright used to say, “You didn’t need to by a boatyard to go sailing.” It seemed like a good idea at the time. Not really … It is the […]

Jun 182012
The critical secrets to stress-free family holidays in Spain!

Are you counting down the days until you can leave your cares behind and fly off to Spain for a week of sun, sand and sea – or are you more concerned about sunburn, stress and sickness? If the thought of travelling to Spain with your family fills you with dread then you are not alone, a quarter of people claim to need another holiday just after returning from their annual family vacation. But fear […]

Jun 122012
Entertainment in Spain, still astonishingly good value

I am always appalled at the cost of an evening out in the UK, even if that evening out is ‘restricted’ to just a few drinks with friends and the odd snack.  By comparison, Spain is amazing value for money. Indeed, the ability to eat and drink ‘out’ cheaply is one of the reasons why Spain’s overall quality of life is so high.  Certainly, there can be few pleasures to compare with al fresco dining […]

Apr 272012
Spain's world class cultural heritage, something for everyone!

One aspect to Spain that is often overlooked is its world class heritage.  In fact, it may surprise you to know that Spain is second only to Italy for its UNESCO World Heritage sites, of which it has 42 to Italy’s 47.  By comparison the UK has 28. I say that Spain’s World Heritage position may be a ‘surprise’ because, for most people, Spain is perceived as little more than a country with some excellent […]