Mar 202012
Why the British are so attracted to Spain

There are arguably just a handful of countries the world over that are universally popular, attracting tourists from all corners of the globe. Such destinations offer rich cultural experiences, welcoming locals, distinctive cuisines and have plenty of exciting, interesting activities on offer. Examples of such destinations might include Thailand, Australia, the USA and Britain.  Visit any major city in one of these countries and you’ll see armies of tourists all shuffling around taking snaps and […]

Mar 092012
Drought in Spain

No-one living in Spain can be unaware that we have had a remarkably dry winter.  In fact, it is hard to remember when last it rained.  However, whilst this has been great news for anyone spending a winter holiday in Spain, it is potentially bad news for the country as a whole.  Indeed, a drought in Spain is a serious matter, within a country where large tracts of land are over 660 m high and […]

Feb 242012
Gandia, A Place in the Sun and beach holidays in Spain

It was great to see the first programme of a new series of A Place in the Sun feature Gandia, my home town in Spain – which looked, justifiably, gorgeous!  The programme came out last Tuesday and followed a couple searching for a permanent home in the area. Certainly, for anyone currently living around Gandia the programme will have been a mixed pleasure. On the one hand it is great to see good publicity for […]

Feb 182012
Holidays in Spain and the four top tourist attractions in Spain!

So, what are the  four top tourist attractions in Spain – the ones that have the most visitors per year? Well, as of 2011, they were: 1.  The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia (3.7 million visitors). 2.  The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (3.2 million visitors). 3.  The Prado in Madrid (2.9 million visitors). 4.  The Alhambra in Granada (2.3 million visitors). What a terrific cross-section of the old and new, dispersed right across Spain! […]

Feb 172012
Lanzarote, César´s Empire

The Canaries have long been associated with package tourism.  But whilst some of the larger islands such as Gran Canaria and Tenerife bear the scars of over development Lanzarote, located just 80 miles off the coast of Africa, has managed to retain much of its original identity intact.  Thanks largely to the enormous influence exerted by a famous local artist called César Manrique.  Who fought to ensure that his birthplace didn’t become buried beneath a […]

Jan 242012
A Place in the Sun and the best kept secret on the Spanish coastline

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun team (including the lovely Jasmine Harman), who were filming in my area.  They have some house hunters who want to move to the Gandia area, which gave the A Place in the Sun team a reason to come here and their first experience, to the best of my knowledge, of Gandia – which must be one of the best kept […]

Jan 182012
Air strikes in Spain and disruption of flights to Spain

Yesterday further problems with Iberia flights were announced which will continue the aggravation caused by the recent Iberia pilot’s strike.  Now it is the turn of the ground staff of Iberia, who have voted for an indefinite period of industrial action. From February 3rd stoppages are likely every Monday and Friday – which is, no doubt, convenient for the staff and will enable them to have long weekends off!  However, this is bad news for […]

Jan 152012
British Embassy Madrid, reaching new heights

The British Embassy in Madrid is located within one of the highest skyscrapers in Spain and can be found/contacted as below: Torre Espacio, Paseo de la Castellana 259,  28046 Madrid, Spain Tel no. 917 146 300  Fax 917 146 301 Website: Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08:30 – 17:00 The Ambassador is currently Giles Paxman – a European affairs specialist. The British Embassy in Madrid is not (curiously) located in the centre of Madrid, having […]

Jan 132012
Holidays in Spain, climbing on the Costa Blanca

One of the joys of living in Spain for me is my ability to rock climb throughout the year – something that was extremely difficult in the UK, where the weather made almost every trip out a feat of endurance!  This is far from the case when you are climbing on the Costa Blanca when, even in the middle of winter, you can revel in conditions that would match the finest experienced on a British […]

Jan 112012
The amazing culture of Malaga

Spain is blessed with numerous cities and towns that are veritable treasure chests of cultural gems for the discerning heritage hunter, yet few people would automatically think of Malaga. Indeed, Malaga is best known for being the ‘gateway’ to the Costa Del Sol and its legendary beaches, resorts, late night bars and clubs. As a consequence, few people give Malaga a second glance. However, those who do take time to stop and look around Malaga […]

Jan 092012
Holidays in Spain, beautiful Mijas and the largest golf resort in Spain

Mijas is one of the most famous traditional “white” villages in Spain and one of the largest municipalities in the Malaga province of Andalucia. The municipality is generally divided into two areas – Mijas pueblo, the capital set high up in the hills and the coastal area of Mijas Costa, which consists of the residential areas of Las Lagunas, Riviera del Sol, La Cala de Mijas and Calahonda. Mijas was predominately a string of quiet fishing […]

Dec 312011
Bird watching in Valencia, a terrific day out!

A couple of days ago, I had a wonderful day out bird watching in Valencia – something that none of my family thought I would do (let alone enjoy the experience). Well, it was a revelation! Probably like most women, I tend to get caught in the house during the Christmas period, barely able to escape from the constant round of meals, entertaining and tidying up.  And then, of course, there are the children to […]