Apr 192013
Spain and A Place in the Sun

The past week has been quiet at Culture Spain because I have just returned from the A Place in the Sun exhibition in Olympia, where I was one of the three members of the expert’s panel on Spain – along with the British Consul for Alicante (Paul Rodwell) and a lawyer specializing in Spanish legal work (Alex Radford). The A Place in the Sun exhibition was certainly interesting and notably well run by the A […]

Jan 242013
Britons left to go it alone in Spain, I doubt it

As the ex-PM of Belgium said on TV here last night, Cameron’s announcement (about the referendum about staying in Europe or not) is 100% party politics. It is an early move to get momentum behind a Tory push to win the next election with a majority that enables them to ditch the Lib Dems. They see no opportunities on the political left of the agenda, where Labour could come up with valid criticism and plausible-sounding […]

Jan 172013
Moving to Spain: Caution! le mot du jour?

I am notorious among my pals as a caution-to-the-wind, who dares, wins, sort of chap. These same pals have been vastly entertained down the years by the results of this M.O. but as they approach Pensionville with prospects of modest comfort or better, they are [very kindly] a bit concerned that I might go one brilliant wheeze too far and end up destitute. It was this thought on my part that had me bin my […]

Dec 132012
Moving to Spain, finally arriving!

Although I was only in my 40s, a few years ago, my health suddenly deteriorated and I developed an auto-immune disease called Lymphocytic Colitis, pernicious anaemia and arthritis. At the time, I resisted any suggestion that stress could be a factor but commuting on ever-deteriorating public transport systems while keeping a business going was hard, so I reluctantly decided to give up my job with Barnardo’s and worked flexibly as a freelance trainer and consultant. […]

Dec 092012
Moving to Spain (Part One)

I am delighted to introduce Amanda Rowan, who will be writing for Culture Spain about her experiences of moving to Spain (both for good and bad!).  Perhaps most importantly, Amanda will be bringing to CS a female perspective – which I consider an invaluable asset and one that will complement that of Louise Mee in the north of Spain…  Nick Snelling My first encounter with Spain was in 1992 and it was not a happy […]