Feb 022014
Salvador Bacarisse Chinoria, great Spanish classical composers

One of the least known Spanish classical composers is Salvador Bacarisse (1898 – 1963), despite the fact that he was a prolific composer – who wrote some really wonderful music. Indeed, just listen to his famous Romanza (from Concert for Guitar and Orchestra) below and you will see just how good he was, at his best.  This is a gorgeous piece and deserves to be heard (along with many other pieces that he wrote!) – […]

Jan 152014
Joaquín Rodrigo, Spain’s best classical composer?

I doubt that there is anyone who does not know at least some of the music of Joaquín Rodrigo – even if they normally steer well clear of classical music.  His most famous piece, of course, was the Concierto de Aranjuez and is instantly recognisable for its haunting melody.  To many people it represents the very essence of the culture of Spain and could have been written only by a Spaniard and one who is, […]

Jan 012014
Fito Fitipaldis, great modern Spanish rock music?

Since living in Spain, I have heard Fito Fitipaldis a great deal on the radio. Formed in 1998, by Fito Cabrales, Fito Fitipaldis music is notable for some great instrumentals and a very solid and compelling beat. It may be heresy to say this but they vaguely remind me of Dire Straits. Listen to Me Acorde De Ti and I think you may agree. Either way, they are very popular in Spain and that popularity has lasted […]

Dec 142013
The best of the culture of Spain and some romantic Spanish music

I have known Spain for many years and I have lived here permanently for the past ten.  However, capturing the very essence of the culture of Spain is not easy.  This is particularly true if one tries to escape from the awful clichés of bullfighting and flamenco or (worse!) the idea that Spain is really just about sangria, beaches, a ruinous property market, corruption and crazy nights in the big clubs of Ibiza. But what […]