Nov 302011
Spanish night sky, December

SIRIUS A AND B TAKEN BY THE HUBBLE TELESCOPE (courtesy of NASA, ESA) December sees the shortest day of the year when, on Thursday December 22nd at 0530, the winter solstice occurs and as a result of the tilt in the earth’s axis the sun reaches the lowest point in the heavens – as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. By early New Year the later setting of the sun in Spain becomes noticeable here although it […]

Nov 142011
Night sky in Spain, watch the spectacular Leonids meteor shower

As we move towards the middle of November the waning of the moon and darker night sky in Spain (it was a full moon on the 10th and will be a new moon on the 25th) will give a clearer view of the stars and planets here. The recent spell of fine weather here in La Drova (near Gandia, Valencia) together with the changing of the clocks has provided some excellent opportunities to look at the […]

Nov 012011
The November sky in Spain

One of the delights to living in rural Spain is the amazing night sky in Spain with November onwards often providing a clear winter sky that shows the heavens at their best. The clocks have gone back, dusk comes early, dawn late, the television reception falls away and, as we move towards mid-winter in December, it’s worthwhile going outside and having a look at what you can see in the night sky in Spain. You can […]