Feb 202015
Property purchase tax in Spain and imputed values!

Are you concerned by property purchase tax in Spain and in particular the purchase tax on imputed property values that is being extorted by the Valencia Region (the Provinces of Alicante, Castellon and Valencia)? Well, if you are not – then you should be alert to the fact that the Valencian government is sometimes imputing a value to a property and then charging you, the buyer, purchase tax on more than you actually paid for […]

Feb 182015
Construction problems in Spain, professional help!

Do you have construction problems in Spain – is your property suffering from subsidence, damp, a defective pool, an unsound roof or possibly a collapsing retaining wall? If you have any of these problems then you may be interested in Building Defects Spain, a business that specialises in resolving building problems in Spain.  It is run by a fully qualified, bi-lingual British building surveyor, who is fully qualified both in Spain and the UK.  Furthermore, […]

Nov 132013
Avoid demolition and fines when buying property in Spain

This week I was sent a cutting from a UK newspaper (see text) which is a cautionary tale for anyone thinking of buying property in Spain.  The article centres on an elderly British couple whose Spanish villa has just been demolished by court order because it was illegally built.  This, once again, emphasizes how important it is to be careful when buying Spanish property – and how vital it is to know how to avoid […]

Nov 132013
10 essential questions for your Spanish conveyancing lawyer

10 essential questions for your Spanish conveyancing lawyer 1.  Is my intended property in Spain designated as Urbano (on designated building land) or Rustico (on agricultural land? 2.  If the property is Urbano is it fully urbanised?  I stress ‘fully’ urbanised, as a property that is not ‘fully’ urbanised can be subject to an infrastructure project, which could result in you losing a part of your land and paying very considerable money towards the infrastructure works. 3. Does the property have a […]

Jul 072013
Free tickets to the A Place in the Sun exhibition at the NEC Sept 27th – 29th 2013!

Now this sounds fun – A Place in the Sun is offering free tickets to their September exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham.  The exhibition will take place between the 27th to the 29th of September this year (2013) and is therefore perfectly timed to occur after your summer holidays! Of course, the A Place in the Sun exhibitions are renowned for providing an excellent presentation of properties around the world (with Spain of prominent […]

Jul 042013
Buying Property in Spain – safely!

I was delighted to receive a note from the British Consulate in Alicante, directing me to their recent video about buying property in Spain safely.  This is very welcome and should be seen by anyone thinking of buying property in Spain. Certainly, I have been banging on about how to buy Spanish property safely for years and I have written a book on this very subject (see www.movesafelytospain.com or Amazon).  Without doubt, it is a […]

Jun 112013
Luxury properties in Spain that have individual Spanish character

One of the unexpected oddities to be encountered by any house buyer is the lack of genuine luxury properties in Spain that have real character.  This may seem an odd thing to state, given that there are quite a few luxury properties on the market. However, how many properties have you seen that have individuality and some indication of being ‘Spanish’, as opposed to being in an anemic, modernist style (however wonderful)?  The latter, in […]

May 032013
The 5 secrets to buying Spanish bank repossession properties

Of one thing you can be sure – there are untold numbers of Spanish bank repossession properties for sale! Indeed, the Spanish banks are the greatest property owners in the country, with huge portfolios of properties. Needless to say, the Spanish banks are desperate to rid themselves of their properties and have been dumping their repossessions onto the market for the past few years, selling them through agents and via dedicated bank property web sites. […]

Apr 242013
Energy Efficiency Certificates in Spain

So – as of the 1st June 2013 Energy Efficiency Certificates in Spain will be obligatory for all properties for sale or rent. These Certificates provide an energy efficiency rating for properties, with the rating graded from A to G (with A being the top rating for a very energy efficient home and G for the least efficient property). Energy Efficiency Certificates in Spain can be obtained only though properly qualified and registered energy efficiency […]

Apr 192013
Spain and A Place in the Sun

The past week has been quiet at Culture Spain because I have just returned from the A Place in the Sun exhibition in Olympia, where I was one of the three members of the expert’s panel on Spain – along with the British Consul for Alicante (Paul Rodwell) and a lawyer specializing in Spanish legal work (Alex Radford). The A Place in the Sun exhibition was certainly interesting and notably well run by the A […]

Apr 032013
Spanish housing market, an analysis

So, the first quarter of 2013 has passed and it is time, once again, to have a look at what is happening to the Spanish housing market. At the beginning of the year, I wrote that I thought, in general, the Spanish housing market would continue to have price declines this year, with those declines being around 10%.  At the same time, I provided the caveat that the housing market in Spain is a lot […]

Feb 012013
The best luxury family home for sale in Spain?

Finding the perfect family home in Spain can be surprisingly difficult – if you are looking for somewhere that has character, is well located, private, fully reformed (to a luxurious standard) and suitable for children. This may seem an odd assertion but look around and you will see that many properties for sale in Spain are on anaemic new estates with an elderly or second home demographic.  To make matters worse, these properties (however luxurious) […]