Jun 162014
Is the Spanish property market stabilising or still sliding?

If you are thinking of buying property in Spain then the big question is whether this is the right time to buy or the time in which to keep your ‘powder dry’ and wait.  In short, is the Spanish property market stabilising or still sliding? Well, it appears as though the Spanish property market may be stabilising.  Certainly, various statistics issued over the past year seem to indicate that price decreases are now less than […]

Sep 162013
The Spanish property market, up and down!

So, what is happening to the Spanish property market? Well, the numbers of overall sales are still collapsing and prices, in general, are quite likely to continue falling.  However, against this general trend, purchases of Spanish property by foreigners have soared to the point at which foreign sales of Spanish property now make up one sixth of the sales being made in Spain! This is significant both for buyers and (some) sellers! Certainly, there are […]

Aug 192013
Buying a property in the Valencia or Catalan regions, a significant tax increase

Astonishingly, buying a property in the Valencia or Catalan regions has just become more expensive.  In a move that can only be described as completely barmy, the governments of the Autonomous Regions of Catalonia and Valencia have just raised the purchase tax for a re-sale property from 8% to 10%! Before the crisis, purchase tax within the Catalonian and Valencian Autonomous Regions was 7% – so this means that within the past couple of years […]

May 032013
The 5 secrets to buying Spanish bank repossession properties

Of one thing you can be sure – there are untold numbers of Spanish bank repossession properties for sale! Indeed, the Spanish banks are the greatest property owners in the country, with huge portfolios of properties. Needless to say, the Spanish banks are desperate to rid themselves of their properties and have been dumping their repossessions onto the market for the past few years, selling them through agents and via dedicated bank property web sites. […]

Apr 032013
Spanish housing market, an analysis

So, the first quarter of 2013 has passed and it is time, once again, to have a look at what is happening to the Spanish housing market. At the beginning of the year, I wrote that I thought, in general, the Spanish housing market would continue to have price declines this year, with those declines being around 10%.  At the same time, I provided the caveat that the housing market in Spain is a lot […]

Mar 022013
The Spanish property market, stabalising or still going down?

Of course, whether you are a property buyer or seller you need to make a ‘call’ about whether the Spanish property market is finally stabilising or still losing value.  Do you wait to buy or drop your price radically to sell now before matters get worse – a ‘call’ that, if you get it wrong, could result in you losing tens of thousands of Euros? In short, is this the time to buy a property […]

Jan 102013
Spain and the year ahead – 2013

So – we enter the New Year, 2013, after a tumultuous year for Spain in 2012, in which the country entered into the perfect storm, economically. 2012 saw unemployment in Spain reach an average of 26.6% as a whole, with some areas far exceeding that dreadful figure.  Meanwhile, some 55% of under 25 year olds have no work and little prospect of finding it – with some 426,000 more people unemployed in Spain, than at […]

Oct 162012
The Spanish property market, stabilising or still falling?

A recent report from the University of Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona has stated that property prices in Spain in the cities have fallen by 53% since 2006 – which, more or less, tallies with the views of many people with a working knowledge of the Spanish property market. In fact, I have been stating for the past year or so that property in Spain, generally, has fallen by around 35% – 45% in value since […]

Aug 132012
Spanish property, a time to buy or wait?

This is an interesting time for potential buyers of Spanish property, who can find bargains wherever they care to look. For the British, matters have become even better, as they have seen Sterling rise to new highs against the Euro, thus providing them with far greater purchasing power than even a year ago. However, a constant concern for foreign property buyers lies in a real sense of uncertainty about what they may be buying into […]

Aug 092012
The Spanish property market - made ever more unstable by Spanish bank repossessions

In the past couple of days I have listed up a couple of properties and changed the prices of several more on my real estate site (which concentrates only on the Gandia area). Needless to say, the price changes have been reductions and, in the case of one villa, a staggering fall in price of 75,000 Euros!  This means that the villa concerned is now for sale for 249,950 Euros – having had a value […]

Jun 102012
Good news for Spanish property buyers

A very interesting piece of legislation has been recently passed that greatly favours buyers of Spanish property.  This is a temporary reduction in Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and is something that may well benefit buyers of Spanish property in the coming years – particularly if they have (or can) pick up a bargain this year. The Spanish government has said that anyone who buys an urbano property in Spain between 12th May 2012 and the […]

May 202012
Spanish property, the paradox of the local and foreign buyer market

A few days ago, the Bank of Spain confirmed what a number of estate agents and Spanish property portals have been saying for some time – that Spanish property sales to foreigners were increasing dramatically.  In fact, the Bank of Spain claims that the amount of money invested in Spanish property by foreign buyers during 2011 rose to 4,748 million Euros, which is an increase of 27% from 2010. Of course, in a way there […]