Nov 132013
10 essential questions for your Spanish conveyancing lawyer

10 essential questions for your Spanish conveyancing lawyer 1.  Is my intended property in Spain designated as Urbano (on designated building land) or Rustico (on agricultural land? 2.  If the property is Urbano is it fully urbanised?  I stress ‘fully’ urbanised, as a property that is not ‘fully’ urbanised can be subject to an infrastructure project, which could result in you losing a part of your land and paying very considerable money towards the infrastructure works. 3. Does the property have a […]

Aug 202012
Building defects and construction problems in Spain

In the UK, buyers always use a qualified building surveyor or structural engineer to undertake a detailed report on the condition of a property before buying it. Indeed, it is almost unheard of to do otherwise. Incredibly, many people buy property in Spain without having a building survey done. All too often they heed the advice from people (including self-serving Spanish industry ‘professionals’) who say a survey is ‘not necessary’ or ‘not normally done in […]

Jul 282012
Mortgages in Spain

Obviously, mortgages in Spain are as widely used as in the UK – with the marketplace for loans and mortgages just as potentially confusing! However, it is important to recognise that the amount that you can borrow on a property in Spain differs depending on whether or not you are fiscally resident in Spain. To be fiscally resident you must be paying Spanish tax, as well as being formally resident. If this is the case, […]

May 292012
How to buy Spanish property and move to Spain – safely!

  I am delighted to say that my book ‘How to Buy Spanish Property and Move to Spain – Safely!’ is now finally available on Kindle. The book has been very well reviewed, as you can see, by a whole series of professionals, all of whom know Spain intimately:  “…really informative and up to date…” Liz Rowlinson, A Place in the Sun “…required reading…”     Martin Dell, “…it’s like the “moving to Spain Bible…”     Justin Aldridge, “…invaluable…”     Jack […]

May 062012
Property lawyers in Spain, how good are they?

Buying Spanish property can be somewhat hazardous.  Indeed, a combination of illegality (both in title and construction), potential liabilities (i.e. where an infrastructure project may occur) and indifferent build quality are far from rare when it comes to Spanish properties. That is not to say that there are not fully legal, sound properties to be bought in Spain.  To state otherwise would be absurd and most people buying property in Spain find excellent homes devoid […]

Apr 292012
Banking in Spain

If you are thinking of banking in Spain then, in principle, you are spoilt for choice – or are you? There are dozens of banks in Spain including a number of savings banks in Spain called Cajas or Caixas.  The latter are often regional and some have very few branches. Spanish banks vary in terms of their exposure to the effects of the economic crisis in Spain.  Some are secure and others less so – […]

Apr 152012
QROPS, making the best of your pension in Spain

One of the oddities of pensions is how little Britons tend to know about them – including where the pension is held, its value and what to do to maximise its effectiveness. There is a saying in the pension industry that ignorance about a pension is much like ‘owning a house but not knowing where it is and how much it is worth’… In fact, there can be considerable benefits to moving abroad if you […]

Jan 132012
Lawyers in Spain

Legal practice in Spain varies considerably. Some lawyers in Spain are excellent and provide a very professional level of service. However, other lawyers in Spain are poor and act for clients despite an outrageous conflict of interest. This can be exacerbated by a lack of specialist expertise resulting in many lawyers in Spain undertaking just about any type of legal work for a client – rather than concentrating upon a specific part of the law […]