Feb 182015
Construction problems in Spain, professional help!

Do you have construction problems in Spain – is your property suffering from subsidence, damp, a defective pool, an unsound roof or possibly a collapsing retaining wall? If you have any of these problems then you may be interested in Building Defects Spain, a business that specialises in resolving building problems in Spain.  It is run by a fully qualified, bi-lingual British building surveyor, who is fully qualified both in Spain and the UK.  Furthermore, […]

Feb 052015
The impact of the Greek elections on Spain

Are you concerned about the impact of the Greek elections on Spain – a country that now has its own radical and dynamic new political party (´Podemos’)? Well, it would be understandable.  Syritza in Greece have had a stunning success and humiliated the long established political parties of Greece and now promise a radical change in Greek politics and governance.  The question is whether Podemos can achieve the same electoral success in Spain and whether […]

Jun 162014
Is the Spanish property market stabilising or still sliding?

If you are thinking of buying property in Spain then the big question is whether this is the right time to buy or the time in which to keep your ‘powder dry’ and wait.  In short, is the Spanish property market stabilising or still sliding? Well, it appears as though the Spanish property market may be stabilising.  Certainly, various statistics issued over the past year seem to indicate that price decreases are now less than […]

Feb 022014
Salvador Bacarisse Chinoria, great Spanish classical composers

One of the least known Spanish classical composers is Salvador Bacarisse (1898 – 1963), despite the fact that he was a prolific composer – who wrote some really wonderful music. Indeed, just listen to his famous Romanza (from Concert for Guitar and Orchestra) below and you will see just how good he was, at his best.  This is a gorgeous piece and deserves to be heard (along with many other pieces that he wrote!) – […]

Jan 212014
Santiago Calatrava, Spain’s greatest architect?

Santiago Calatrava (b. 1951 in Valencia) seems to be constantly in the news at the moment – unfortunately, not always for the best of reasons.  Indeed, his reputation as possibly Spain’s greatest architect may be under threat.  This is due to a series of problems relating to the quality of construction of some of his projects, together with disgruntlement about significant cost over runs on his projects.   Of course, Calatrava’s designs are often quite fantastic […]

Jan 052014
Valencian food: watch Valencian Roots – a gem of a film!

I was recently sent a great documentary film about Valencian food. This is by a friend of mine, Zev Robinson, who is a highly regarded film maker. Although Canadian, Zev lives in Spain, is married to a Spaniard and knows the country intimately. Called Valencian Roots, Zev’s wonderful short film captures the very essence of country life in Valencia and is fascinating for its close look at the products produced in Valencia and the way […]

Jan 012014
Fito Fitipaldis, great modern Spanish rock music?

Since living in Spain, I have heard Fito Fitipaldis a great deal on the radio. Formed in 1998, by Fito Cabrales, Fito Fitipaldis music is notable for some great instrumentals and a very solid and compelling beat. It may be heresy to say this but they vaguely remind me of Dire Straits. Listen to Me Acorde De Ti and I think you may agree. Either way, they are very popular in Spain and that popularity has lasted […]

Dec 272013
Paco de Lucía, the greatest guitarist in Spain?

Paco de Lucía is acknowledged as probably the greatest guitarist in Spain – and perhaps in the world.  A specialist in flamenco, Paco de Lucía has extended his repertoire to include both classical guitar and jazz.  In their book Guitar: Music, History, Players, Ricard Chapman and Eric Clapton describe de Lucía as a ‘titanic figure in the world of flamenco guitar’ and this is undeniably true. In fact, Paco de Lucía recorded a remarkable ten […]

Dec 142013
The best of the culture of Spain and some romantic Spanish music

I have known Spain for many years and I have lived here permanently for the past ten.  However, capturing the very essence of the culture of Spain is not easy.  This is particularly true if one tries to escape from the awful clichés of bullfighting and flamenco or (worse!) the idea that Spain is really just about sangria, beaches, a ruinous property market, corruption and crazy nights in the big clubs of Ibiza. But what […]

Nov 132013
10 essential questions for your Spanish conveyancing lawyer

10 essential questions for your Spanish conveyancing lawyer 1.  Is my intended property in Spain designated as Urbano (on designated building land) or Rustico (on agricultural land? 2.  If the property is Urbano is it fully urbanised?  I stress ‘fully’ urbanised, as a property that is not ‘fully’ urbanised can be subject to an infrastructure project, which could result in you losing a part of your land and paying very considerable money towards the infrastructure works. 3. Does the property have a […]

Oct 182013
Selling a car in Spain – a critically important guide on what to do!

Read this article now, before you sell a car in Spain – and you could save yourself a lot of time, frustration and money.  Here we review how to sell your car, what paperwork has to be completed and offer guidance on costs and taxes involved. You are probably thinking that selling a car in Spain is the same as in your home country.  Surely, you say, it is simply a matter of placing an […]

Oct 022013
Extraordinary photographic exhibition in Gandia

Starting tomorrow (at 19.00 hrs) and lasting three weeks, is an extraordinary photographic exhibition in Gandia that is well worth visiting.  Indeed, you will be privileged to see a part of recent history – and a controversial part, at that! World famous documentary photographer Jurgen Schadeberg is presenting a series of his photographs about the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa – together with a selection of his pictures detailing rural France. Jurgen, as you may […]