Feb 092013
Air strikes in Spain and flight disruption

So – off we go again with further air strikes in Spain and flight disruption, something that occasionally caused considerable upset last year. Now it is the ground staff of Iberia who are due to go on strike over the course of fifteen days – although fortunately not during the Easter period.  As a consequence, it is unlikely that most holidaymakers travelling on Iberia and coming to Spain will be affected. The strikes have been […]

Jan 142013
Interesting facts about the Spanish economy

I was recently directed to an article with some really interesting graphics about the Spanish economy – which I consider profoundly important. They relate to the use of transport in Spain, which may immediately turn you off!  Indeed, I can almost hear the yawns from here however these are really important facts about the Spanish economy that you should know! The graphics  in the above article are extremely useful in showing the impact of the […]

Nov 192012
The British Consulate in Alicante, one of the busiest in the world!

Did you know that the British Consulate in Alicante is one of the busiest British consulates in the world? In a way, this may not be too surprising, given the area that is covered by the Alicante Consulate.  This extends down much of the eastern sideboard of Spain – from Castellon in the north to Murcia in the south, with a large chunk of accompanying inland Spain.  In fact, the Consulate looks after a territory […]

Jan 182012
Air strikes in Spain and disruption of flights to Spain

Yesterday further problems with Iberia flights were announced which will continue the aggravation caused by the recent Iberia pilot’s strike.  Now it is the turn of the ground staff of Iberia, who have voted for an indefinite period of industrial action. From February 3rd stoppages are likely every Monday and Friday – which is, no doubt, convenient for the staff and will enable them to have long weekends off!  However, this is bad news for […]

Oct 302011
Low cost flights to/from Alicante Spain, to continue?

The changing of the clock times on the last Saturday of October brings new winter airline timetables and for Alicante airport a major reduction in flights by the low cost airline Ryanair. As from the end of October Ryanair are to relocate nine of the eleven planes currently based at Alicante airport to new bases elsewhere in Europe. This reduction in flights to Alicante will see the number of Ryanair passengers drop from around four million to […]

Oct 292011
Appetite for Spain growing, encouraged by great food and wonderful wines

The popularity of Spanish food and wines is on the up and up! Surreptitiously Spanish food products have been taking up residence on the supermarket shelf. On a recent trip to my Irish supermarket I noticed a few new products nestling amongst the curry sauces and fajita mixes; paella seasoning, alioli, smoked paprika and patatas bravas sauce have made an appearance. Whilst olives and chorizo are now commonplace in the supermarket aisles we are definitely […]

Mar 092011
Easter airport strikes in Spain, the dates of disruption

I am afraid that it looks as though there are going to be Easter airport strikes in Spain – which may continue on into the summer.  This, of course, is the worst possible news for anyone planning to fly over to Spain during the Easter holidays.  Needless to say, it is also very bad news for the Spanish economy, for which tourism is such an essential part. When will the airport strikes in Spain occur […]

Jan 032011
Spanish holidays, air strikes and disruptions to flights to Spain

 UPDATE: 27.03.12 Note that there will be a general strike in Spain on the 29th March 2012 and that this will, inevitably, cause travel disruption within Spain.  For more information, see: General Strike in Spain 29th March 2012 STOP PRESS 30.01.12 Sadly, Spanair has collapsed, having lost some 115 million Euros last year.  The collapse was unexpected, occurred over the weekend and left over 20,000 passengers stranded.  It will alos mean the loss of some […]

Jan 022011
Travel Spain

Travel Spain is here to provide you with all the information you need for your holidays in Spain. In fact, Travel Spain specialises in every aspect of holidays in Spain – whether this concerns flights to Spain, travel around Spain, holiday villas in Spain (and beach apartments in Spain!) or just what to see and do in Spain. Of course, Spain is one of the premier holiday destinations of the world.  It has been for […]

Dec 152010

I thought that I should quickly you give a round-up to my previous posts on the air traffic controller’s strike in Spain and the potential for a forthcoming Xmas pilot’s strike in Spain. Firstly, the pilot’s strike in Spain has been put off from the Christmas period so, if you are thinking of having Christmas in Spain, you should not have problems with your flights.  However, this does not mean that there will not be […]