Dec 132012
Moving to Spain, finally arriving!

Although I was only in my 40s, a few years ago, my health suddenly deteriorated and I developed an auto-immune disease called Lymphocytic Colitis, pernicious anaemia and arthritis. At the time, I resisted any suggestion that stress could be a factor but commuting on ever-deteriorating public transport systems while keeping a business going was hard, so I reluctantly decided to give up my job with Barnardo’s and worked flexibly as a freelance trainer and consultant. […]

Dec 092012
Moving to Spain (Part One)

I am delighted to introduce Amanda Rowan, who will be writing for Culture Spain about her experiences of moving to Spain (both for good and bad!).  Perhaps most importantly, Amanda will be bringing to CS a female perspective – which I consider an invaluable asset and one that will complement that of Louise Mee in the north of Spain…  Nick Snelling My first encounter with Spain was in 1992 and it was not a happy […]

Dec 312011
Bird watching in Valencia, a terrific day out!

A couple of days ago, I had a wonderful day out bird watching in Valencia – something that none of my family thought I would do (let alone enjoy the experience). Well, it was a revelation! Probably like most women, I tend to get caught in the house during the Christmas period, barely able to escape from the constant round of meals, entertaining and tidying up.  And then, of course, there are the children to […]

Oct 122011
Women in Spain, a female in the campo!

My husband and I own a 22 acre olive farm. Yes, you read that right! We have 850 of the things, not to mention vegetable gardens, cherry trees, walnut trees, almond trees and chestnut trees. All need tending, pruning and harvesting, so we spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, rain or shine. Despite the fact that this seems like an odd thing for two former IT people to do, it was actually in our […]

Oct 102011
Sevilla and falling in love with Spain

If you are looking for a quick break or a base for an extended trip around Andalusia you would be wise to head directly for Seville and do not pass Go! As the capital of Andalusia, there is much to admire; culture, food and dance set against a stunning backdrop of ornate and stylish architecture. Set on the banks of the Guadalquivir, it is hard not to be struck by the beauty of Sevilla. The […]

Sep 302011
Women in Spain, scary (to men!) kind and traditional

Before I moved to Spain, I’d heard a lot about the macho society here. About how men rule the roost and the home – not to mention the businesses. I had been told so much about this, that I was a little worried about how I’d fit into society here. After all, I had worked in a professional position my entire working life, in a very difficult industry. I had worked in IT, managing mostly […]

Sep 232011
Lady writers of Spain – you are needed!

Are you a lady writer living in Spain or a female writer who knows Spain well and wants her voice to be heard? If you are – then at Culture Spain we should be interested in hearing from you!  We are looking for lady writers in Spain who can give the female version of what living in Spain is like.  Can you write about: –          the good and bad aspects to living in Spain from […]