Jan 202013
Teaching English as a foreign language in Spain - a boom business

A recent poll conducted by Cambridge University Press showed that about a quarter of those Spaniards questioned would give up sex for a year – in exchange for speaking perfect English!  A larger number, 64%, stated that they would pay 10,000 Euros, if someone could wave a magic wand providing them with English fluency. The poll, yet again, illustrated the desperate need for most Spaniards to have fluent English and why teaching English as a […]

May 292012
How to buy Spanish property and move to Spain – safely!

  I am delighted to say that my book ‘How to Buy Spanish Property and Move to Spain – Safely!’ is now finally available on Kindle. The book has been very well reviewed, as you can see, by a whole series of professionals, all of whom know Spain intimately:  “…really informative and up to date…” Liz Rowlinson, A Place in the Sun “…required reading…”     Martin Dell, Kyero.com “…it’s like the “moving to Spain Bible…”     Justin Aldridge, EyeonSpain.com “…invaluable…”     Jack […]

Dec 172011
Working in Spain, the over-qualification problem

Did you see an interesting article in El Pais a while ago about working in Spain?  The article is fascinating because it illustrates an extraordinary problem and one that you may not necessarily appreciate, least of all if you are thinking of coming to Spain to work. In short, Spain has an ‘over qualified’ workforce – with 31% of Spaniards working in Spain at jobs below their educational level!  To place this into context the […]

Sep 202011
Tax in Spain, Spanish teacher's strike and temporary work contracts in Spain

The past few days in Spain have seen some interesting responses to the present economic crisis in Spain including the revival of the wealth tax in Spain.  Meanwhile, in some areas, there is a teacher’s strike in Spain with educators (amazingly!) complaining about an increase in their current working hours.  Finally, temporary work contracts in Spain are being made unlimited (as opposed to the previous existing obligation for an employer to employ a worker full […]

Sep 052011
The state system in Spain, an hilarious insight!

Well, you cannot keep a great gag down and my Spanish lawyer has just sent me a fabulous (short and hilarious!!) video about the state system in Spain.  In fact, I featured this video in an article on Culture Spain earlier in the year entitled Bureaucracy in Spain – but I think I am more than justified in highlighting the video again, in case you have not already seen it.  It is terrific: The thing […]

Sep 012011
Banks in Spain, service with a smile?

I had to grimace recently when I saw an article in El Pais (‘conservative’ national Spanish newspaper) which reported that the economy ministry in Spain is about to issue an order for banks in Spain to clarify their charges to customers.  Evidently, along with Italy, Spanish banks are the most costly banks in the EU.  This, I am afraid, comes as little surprise. Certainly, my own experience of banks in Spain (and that of many […]

Aug 162011
Spanish products and working with the Spanish

For years I have tried hard to oppose the argument that everything in Spain occurs ‘mañana’.  However, as time passes, I find this ever more difficult.  Certainly, working with Spanish businesses can be difficult – with trying to obtain Spanish products, at times, an exasperating business! The trouble is that Spanish businesses tend to work in a quite different way from those in the US and Northern Europe.  With notable exceptions, efficiency (in my experience) […]

Oct 162010
Work in Spain and the Spanish economy

So, the registered jobless total in Spain is over the 4 million mark (4.02m)!  Indeed, over 20% of the Spanish working population is now unemployed, which is over twice the Eurozone average. This is dreadful news and heralds an increasingly hard time for anyone working in Spain conventionally.  Indeed, the outlook for the Spanish economy looks nothing if not gloomy – despite the Spanish government trying to ‘spin’ the reality to make it look better.  […]

Sep 252010

I have been looking carefully over the past few days for more information about the general strike in Spain and the more I have looked – the more I have felt that the general strike in Spain is pointless. Not least, it seems to be concealing the problems of Spain – rather than highlighting the real changes that are needed here. Look at what the supporters of the general strike in Spain are saying and […]

Sep 112010
Work in Spain

Well, this has been a busy few days! Not only have I been keeping an eye on the terrible fires in Spain (that have caused so much trauma around Valencia Province), but also I have been busy launching my new (and fifth) book.  This is called ‘The Secrets to Working and Making a Living in Spain’. I am actually very pleased with the way that ‘The Secrets to Working and Making a Living in Spain’ […]

Feb 052010
A personal view of  Spanish culture at work

I have spent the past seven years working in Spain – which has been a somewhat interesting experience. In a way, it has enhanced my life in Spain. Certainly, within the predicatable frustrations of normal day to day work, it has provided a fascinating insight into Spanish culture – or, at least, the working Spanish culture of our area. I am, of course, a journalist and author – so most of my time is spent […]

Aug 052009
Working in Spain, the lifestyle

The routine of working in Spain varies depending upon where you live. Certainly, what happens in the big cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia is quite different from that in provincial towns and villages. The siesta, for example, whilst hardly apparent in the major cities tends to be de rigueur elsewhere. This is particularly true of Mediterranean areas. Siesta has a profound effect upon working in Spain and will influence your working day irrespective […]