Sep 152011
Animal cruelty in Spain, the Tordesillas bull hunt

Just occasionally I am deeply ashamed of Spain and utterly appalled by some aspects of the culture of Spain – with the annual Tordesillas El Toro de la Vega bull hunt a dreadful example of animal cruelty in Spain that casts a deep shadow on Spain as a modern, liberal society. The El Toro de la Vega bull hunt occurs annually during the September fiesta of Tordesillas, a small town of 9,000 people situated to […]

Jul 192011
Animal Cruelty in Spain

I have just been approached by a very high profile Spanish organization that is campaigning against animal cruelty in Spain.  This, of course, should be of interest to any right minded person and I hope that you will do your ‘bit’ to support them – and the many other organisations in Spain that do so much to help injured or homeless animals here. Certainly, there is animal cruelty in Spain – just as there is […]