Apr 272012
Spain's world class cultural heritage, something for everyone!

One aspect to Spain that is often overlooked is its world class heritage.  In fact, it may surprise you to know that Spain is second only to Italy for its UNESCO World Heritage sites, of which it has 42 to Italy’s 47.  By comparison the UK has 28. I say that Spain’s World Heritage position may be a ‘surprise’ because, for most people, Spain is perceived as little more than a country with some excellent […]

Jan 112011
Beach holidays Spain: 10 essential factors to choosing a holiday area in Spain!

  The cliche about location, location, location holds as true for beach holidays in Spain as it does for buying houses or establishing the exact whereabouts of business premises. Indeed, get the location of your beach holiday in Spain wrong and you can guarantee that your dream holiday in Spain will be a disaster.  On the other hand, get it right – and your summer holiday will be memorable for its happiness and fun! So, […]

Jan 092011
Beach holidays Spain: 10 essential factors that make for a great beach in Spain!

Are you planning a beach holiday in Spain? If you are then you should know the top ten critical factors for a great beach holiday in Spain before you book your holiday in Spain  They just may make the difference between having a fantastic holiday in Spain and a holiday that ends in disappointment. Certainly, choosing the right place for your beach holiday in Spain is not always easy as Spain, of course, has an […]

Jan 082011
Beach apartments in Spain: 10 vital factors!

Exactly where you stay when on your holidays in Spain is critical to the success of your holiday.  Obviously!  However, almost as important is the inherent nature of the beach apartment in Spain that you stay in.  If this is not right then it can really spoil your holidays – even if the surrounding area is exactly what you wanted. So, what are the factors that you should look for before you book any beach […]