Mar 252012
Brothels in Spain, a part of Spanish culture?

BY NICK SNELLING In 2003, Spain’s Institute of National Statistics (INE) showed that just over one in four Spanish men under the age of 49 had experienced sex with a prostitute – with one in fifteen having done so within the previous year. This was backed up by Maribel Montano of the ruling PSOE party who claimed in 2007 that: ‘every day 1.5 million men pay for sex’ in Spain. In fact, there are an […]

Jan 012012
Confessions of a Call Girl in Spain

BY NICK SNELLING “Madre mia!” exclaims Michelle, roaring with laughter, “I have seen just about everything!” We are in a small anteroom within the Majestic brothel in Valencia city and I have just asked Michelle to tell me about her craziest experience.  She sits in front of me dressed in a decorative bikini top and tiny, denim shorts that emphasise her mind boggling figure.  I am having difficulty concentrating and I am fast wondering who […]

Aug 092011
Sex in Spain, defying taboos

Spain never ceases to surprise me and this is well illustrated by the above picture sent to me by a friend of mine, Graham Hunt, which he took as he was driving to Valencia. Needless to say, it is for a Club de Alterne (a brothel) conveniently located, as the billboard makes clear, next to a (probably very popular) restaurant rather appropriately called Chuletas Pepe (Pepe’s Chops). Well, as I have written before – sex […]

Jul 212011
Articles and information about Spain

I was trawling through the archives of Culture Spain yesterday and found some articles and information about Spain that you may find interesting.  These are articles that I was commissioned to write for a magazine some years ago and, I think, they are well worth revisiting. Certainly, some of the topics that I was asked to write about were nothing less than eye openers – to put it very mildly! Of course, what these articles […]

Mar 032011
Sex in Spain, Brothels and Spanish politicians!

I simply could not resist drawing your attention to this article about a local Spanish politician in Valencia who is being accused of blackmailing a brothel in Spain.  In itself, this may not be unusual, however I have a suspicion that I have been to the brothel concerned (in a journalistic capacity – I hasten to add!). Certainly, everything thing seems to tally with an article that I was commissioned to write a few years […]

Dec 212010
Sex in Spain and the biggest brothel in Spain

Some time ago I wrote an article on an aspect of the culture of Spain that truly surprised me when I first came to live here.  It concerned the profusion of brothels in Spain which, frankly, are everywhere. Indeed, almost every town of any size has a brothel, albeit normally on the outskirts of the town concerned and often within a light industrial area.  The brothels, in case you are wondering, are extremely obvious (blatant, […]

Oct 132010
Sex in Spain

It  is funny how it can take a long time to understand what is happening around you when you are in a foreign country.  Once you do then, of course, you tend to think ‘Oh my Goodness – I can’t believe that I have been so stupid!’ I am afraid that this was my reaction to a little known part of Spanish culture – which escaped me completely for several years. I am talking of […]