Jul 182012
Beautiful Aragon in Spain – so much to offer to holidaymakers!

Aragon in Spain is a land of distinctive landscapes from its snowy Pyrenean peaks and rust-coloured plains to its lush green valleys, and yet it is often overlooked by the tourist throngs. Its terrain is harsh and dramatic; its scenery breath-taking and impressive. It is remotely serene and more peaceful than the heaving Costas, whilst providing a host of activities – if you only know where to find them! Geographically located in the North East […]

Feb 232012
Crisis in Spain, two different faces of Spain within just a few days

I have just been sent a wonderful YouTube film of a demonstration in Barcelona about the crisis in Spain.  It is wonderful (breath-taking really) and shows the best side of Spain and the culture of Spain. The demonstration is set within an office of la Caixa, one of the biggest banks in Spain, and revolves around a by-line stating that ‘it is not a crisis – it is capitalism’. Do watch the film (it is […]

Feb 182012
Holidays in Spain and the four top tourist attractions in Spain!

So, what are the  four top tourist attractions in Spain – the ones that have the most visitors per year? Well, as of 2011, they were: 1.  The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia (3.7 million visitors). 2.  The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (3.2 million visitors). 3.  The Prado in Madrid (2.9 million visitors). 4.  The Alhambra in Granada (2.3 million visitors). What a terrific cross-section of the old and new, dispersed right across Spain! […]

Feb 012012
Culture of Spain, an amusing pastiche!

I could not resist putting up these two wonderful ‘maps’ of Spain and Europe, as seen from the ‘imaginary’ eyes of the Spanish – although whether done by someone Spanish or not I do not know.  They have just been sent to me by my son, who spotted them on Mapping Stereotypes.  They are, of course, probably totally politically incorrect – however, as a Briton and someone from the land of the ‘vomiting tourists,’ I can […]

Jan 202012
The origins of the Spanish Civil War

The Spanish Civil War 1936-39 was a conflict notable for its brutality and for the way it savagely divided Spain.  It resulted, of course, in General Franco’s long dictatorship (which only ended in 1975) and was a defining moment for Spain – the results of which can be felt even now. However, the Civil War in Spain was also notorious for being incredibly ‘messy’ politically – so much so that understanding what was happening can […]

Jan 062012
Corruption in Spain, the finances of the Spanish royal family revealed

A few weeks ago I wrote about corruption in Spain – and within days the Spanish news had headlines about the King of Spain’s son in law (the Duke of Palma) being summoned to appear before a judge to answer questions relating to allegations of corruption.  These concern the misuse of public funds given to a foundation that the Duke of Palma ran and were revealed during a larger investigation into corruption in Mallorca called […]

Nov 252011
Books about Spain, a wonderful new resource!

I am delighted to be able to report that my friend, Rod Younger, has just opened his on-line book store: Books4Spain (www.books4spain.com).  This, as the name suggests, is a specialist book store that deals only in English language books and ebooks about Spain, whether fact or fiction. Most conventional book stores have a restricted number of books about Spain – with books about Spain usually scattered throughout a shop, depending upon their category: fiction, travel, biography, history, […]

Nov 162011
Mistella wine and the sweet life of Alicante in Spain

Recently I lay awake suffering from one of my regular bouts of insomnia and in search of sleep I turned to my latest birthday present, a Kindle e book reader. Stored on my Kindle was the ‘The adventures of Brigadier Gerard’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – the celebrated author best known for his Sherlock Holmes tales. Brigadier Gerard was a flamboyant, fictional French cavalry officer during the Napoleonic wars of the early 19th century, who […]

Oct 102011
Sevilla and falling in love with Spain

If you are looking for a quick break or a base for an extended trip around Andalusia you would be wise to head directly for Seville and do not pass Go! As the capital of Andalusia, there is much to admire; culture, food and dance set against a stunning backdrop of ornate and stylish architecture. Set on the banks of the Guadalquivir, it is hard not to be struck by the beauty of Sevilla. The […]

Sep 302011
Women in Spain, scary (to men!) kind and traditional

Before I moved to Spain, I’d heard a lot about the macho society here. About how men rule the roost and the home – not to mention the businesses. I had been told so much about this, that I was a little worried about how I’d fit into society here. After all, I had worked in a professional position my entire working life, in a very difficult industry. I had worked in IT, managing mostly […]

Sep 242011
New book about Spain, buying property in Spain and moving to Spain

I am delighted to report that my book ‘How to Buy Spanish Property and Move to Spain – Safely’ has just been published in print form, as well as being now available on Kindle and as an e-book.  In fact, I received my first copies yesterday, which is always a nerve wracking moment for an author (does the cover look alright – are there any hidden errors etc.?).  However, it looks good and should do […]

Sep 232011
Lady writers of Spain – you are needed!

Are you a lady writer living in Spain or a female writer who knows Spain well and wants her voice to be heard? If you are – then at Culture Spain we should be interested in hearing from you!  We are looking for lady writers in Spain who can give the female version of what living in Spain is like.  Can you write about: –          the good and bad aspects to living in Spain from […]