Jun 192012
Spoilt for choice, eating out locally in Spain

If anyone tells you they don’t like Spanish food, they may have spent their holiday eating at those awful restaurants that have photographs of platos combinados displayed outside them, often illustrating the most amazing mixtures like fried calamares with Russian salad and sausages. When I see people actually eating this stuff I have to force myself to walk by without making a comment like, ‘Are you crazy? There is a superb restaurant just one street […]

Jun 122012
Entertainment in Spain, still astonishingly good value

I am always appalled at the cost of an evening out in the UK, even if that evening out is ‘restricted’ to just a few drinks with friends and the odd snack.  By comparison, Spain is amazing value for money. Indeed, the ability to eat and drink ‘out’ cheaply is one of the reasons why Spain’s overall quality of life is so high.  Certainly, there can be few pleasures to compare with al fresco dining […]

Dec 132011
The traditional food of Spain and menus del dia: value for money?

Throughout Spain around lunch time, you cannot fail to notice the numerous blackboards outside of restaurants boasting various renditions of the ‘Menu Del Dia’ or Daily Menu.  For those not familiar with the concept, this is a set menu in Spain providing anywhere from two to eight or more choices of ‘primero plato’, (first plate), ‘segundo plato’ (second plate) and dessert.  More often than not the set price also includes wine, water, bread and coffee […]