Sep 222012
The amazing story of Spain from dictatorship to democracy (Part 4 of 5)

AWAITING THE TEMPEST (Spain from dictatorship to democracy) Part 4 Imagine it is the early 1970s and you are in Spain… Fiestas may not be emblematic of Spain but they do spring to some people’s minds when the country is mentioned.  They occur annually everywhere in Spain, in every town and village, last several days and take a bewildering multitude of forms, some of which are very bizarre.  However, most have a religious basis, and […]

Sep 212012
September fiestas in Spain and an excellent new book

Contrary to what you may believe, September is a good time for fiestas in Spain.  This was pointed out to me recently by my pal, Rod Younger, who runs Books4Spain – the best on-line bookshop for Spain related books on the marketplace. Indeed, Rod has just produced an article on some of the unusual fiestas in Spain in September and these may be of interest to you, if you are in Spain now or thinking […]

Mar 172012
Las Fallas: the monuments, the ninots and Valencian traditional dress

Yesterday was La Planta, when the Las Fallas monuments (monumentos) are erected and when the Las Fallas fiesta in Valencia starts in earnest. Today the schools are closed, as they will be on Monday, and every town and village in Valencia Province is resounding to the explosions of fireworks from morning to night. Meanwhile, bands and processions of Valencians in traditional dress are marching joyfully through the streets. The atmosphere is terrific. I thought, given […]

May 312011
Make the best of your summer holidays in Spain!

I am struck now by how many times I came for my summer holidays in Spain and yet never really took advantage of what was available to me.  Like most holidaymakers in Spain I tended to stay around the beach and the restaurants and bars close to where I was staying. Of course, once or twice during our beach holidays in Spain we would take a day trip out.  This was almost always to some […]

Feb 182011
Las Fallas Valencia, a ‘must-see’ fiesta!

Las Fallas is nearly upon us – and it is one of the most extraordinary fiestas in Spain! Although the work up to Las Fallas is already starting now, the climax does not occur until the 15th – 19th of March, so you have plenty of time to book a flight to Spain and come over to see it. But what is Las Fallas – you may well be asking? Well, for a complete and […]

Feb 162011
Las Fallas Valencia, the most incredible fiesta in Spain!

Las Fallas must rank as one of the most extraordinary fiestas in Spain.  Indeed, over the past few years it has gained international recognition as one of those remarkable events that you should see – at least once in your lifetime. Certainly, the sheer scale of La Fallas is astonishing with the main festivities taking place over five days (15th – 19th March every year).  However, the ‘work up’ to Las Fallas starts from February […]