Jun 122012
Entertainment in Spain, still astonishingly good value

I am always appalled at the cost of an evening out in the UK, even if that evening out is ‘restricted’ to just a few drinks with friends and the odd snack.  By comparison, Spain is amazing value for money. Indeed, the ability to eat and drink ‘out’ cheaply is one of the reasons why Spain’s overall quality of life is so high.  Certainly, there can be few pleasures to compare with al fresco dining […]

Feb 242012
Gandia, A Place in the Sun and beach holidays in Spain

It was great to see the first programme of a new series of A Place in the Sun feature Gandia, my home town in Spain – which looked, justifiably, gorgeous!  The programme came out last Tuesday and followed a couple searching for a permanent home in the area. Certainly, for anyone currently living around Gandia the programme will have been a mixed pleasure. On the one hand it is great to see good publicity for […]

Feb 092012
Living in Spain, a country with a world class infrastructure

One of the most striking changes to Spain that I have seen over the past nine years has been a marked improvement in the infrastructure of the country.  By this, I mean virtually anything to do with public works, such as the roads, airports and facilities within towns. To illustrate the point, I could take my own town of Gandia, which has some 80,000 people and is situated on the eastern seaboard of Mediterranean Spain […]

Jan 242012
A Place in the Sun and the best kept secret on the Spanish coastline

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun team (including the lovely Jasmine Harman), who were filming in my area.  They have some house hunters who want to move to the Gandia area, which gave the A Place in the Sun team a reason to come here and their first experience, to the best of my knowledge, of Gandia – which must be one of the best kept […]

Jan 132012
Holidays in Spain, climbing on the Costa Blanca

One of the joys of living in Spain for me is my ability to rock climb throughout the year – something that was extremely difficult in the UK, where the weather made almost every trip out a feat of endurance!  This is far from the case when you are climbing on the Costa Blanca when, even in the middle of winter, you can revel in conditions that would match the finest experienced on a British […]

Jan 032012
Skyrunning, Kílian Jornet Burgada and the Gandia vertical kilometre race!

Have you heard of skyrunning (and I have not misspelt the word!)? Well, if you have not, then you are probably not alone – and it is certainly a sport that I had never heard about, until it was drawn to my attention by Mark van Jaarsveld, the ever resourceful techie behind Culture Spain.  As he pointed out to me, Spain has produced one of the greatest skyrunners in the world, Kílian Jornet Burgada, who […]

Aug 022011
Gandia, Valencia Province, Spain

Gandia is a town located on the mid eastern side board of Spain.  It is within Valencia Province (one of the three Provinces of the Autonomous Region of Valencia Comunitat de Valencia) and is situated some 70 kms south of Valencia City.  The immediate area around Gandia is known as La Safor which comprises a number of small towns and villages of which Gandia is the ‘capital’. Gandia has a permanent population of some 80,000 […]

Jul 282011
Tom Jones and Julio Iglesias concerts Gandia 2011

Well, amazing!  Tom Jones is coming to Gandia in Spain to give a concert on Tuesday the 16th August 2011.  You may think that ‘It’s not unusual’ but I would say that it is not far off it –  given that, as far as I know, this will be first time that Tom Jones has appeared in Gandia during his incredibly long career.  The latter, I think, started (amazingly!) in 1963. Do you remember ‘What’s […]

May 222011
Election results Spain 2011, a socialist massacre?

It would appear that the local and regional elections in Spain have resulted in a massive reduction in support for the PSOE (socialist) party – who, it seems, are now not the most voted for party in any region in Spain. This is a huge blow to PSOE Prime Minister Zapatero and a devastating inditement of his policies over the past seven years. The scale of the defeat of the socialist party is well illustrated […]

Apr 122011
Fires in Spain

Well, what an extraordinary weekend we have had in Valencia Province – and particularly around Gandia!  Not only was Saturday the hottest day in April for fifty eight years but it was also the day during which two major forest fires broke out within the area. Fires in Spain are, of course, not uncommon.  The land tends to be tinder dry for much of the year and it takes little for a fire to start […]

Apr 042011
The Borgias

So, the Borgias are in fashion again!  Neil Jordan has just filmed the first ten hours of a TV series that is due to hit our television screens at any time and that is being now promoted aggressively.  I just wonder what the series will be like – as the Borgias were nothing if not controversial. The trouble is that the film world can all too often distort the reality of what really happened – […]

Mar 172011
Las Fallas, the joy, the beauty and the creativity!

Sometimes it really is good to be alive!  Today I have been down in my beloved Gandia, touring around the Las Fallas ninots and bathing in the celebrations of Las Fallas.  This is the eighth time that I have seen Las Fallas and I am still overwhelmed by the sense of joy that surrounds a major fiesta in Spain. As I have written before, Las Fallas lasts about a month, although the peak period is […]