Feb 112013
Barcelona, for really special holidays in Spain!

One of the most wonderful aspects to Spain, for any tourist, lies in the sheer variety of places and cultures that exist in the country.  Indeed, it is fair to say that Spain is many different ‘countries’ within one state.  After all, the contrasts between, say, Andalucia and Madid are as stark as that between Galicia and Valencia.  The same language (for the most part) may be spoken but almost everything else is different.  This […]

Jan 212011
Barcelona: 10 tips to avoid being robbed in Barcelona!

Recently, I was in contact with Natasha Young who is a great writer and specialises in writing about life in Barcelona.  She is passionate about Barcelona but equally apoplectic about robbery in Barcelona and the street crime that occurs there.  So, she was keen that I drew your attention to this problem – and her excellent advice.   Certainly, if you want to avoid being robbed in Barcelona then you should follow carefully what Natasha […]