Jul 052012
Holidays in Spain, the secret to making the very best of them!

The question, of course, is how do you make the very best of your summer holidays in Spain? Certainly, choosing a great beach and workable holiday accommodation in Spain is essential.  Equally, you need to make sure that your surrounding area provides you with all the facilities you need and that you are not miles from the nearest bars and shops. But what about activities that are not centred on the beach? Is there anything […]

Jun 182012
The critical secrets to stress-free family holidays in Spain!

Are you counting down the days until you can leave your cares behind and fly off to Spain for a week of sun, sand and sea – or are you more concerned about sunburn, stress and sickness? If the thought of travelling to Spain with your family fills you with dread then you are not alone, a quarter of people claim to need another holiday just after returning from their annual family vacation. But fear […]

Mar 202012
Why the British are so attracted to Spain

There are arguably just a handful of countries the world over that are universally popular, attracting tourists from all corners of the globe. Such destinations offer rich cultural experiences, welcoming locals, distinctive cuisines and have plenty of exciting, interesting activities on offer. Examples of such destinations might include Thailand, Australia, the USA and Britain.  Visit any major city in one of these countries and you’ll see armies of tourists all shuffling around taking snaps and […]

Feb 182012
Holidays in Spain and the four top tourist attractions in Spain!

So, what are the  four top tourist attractions in Spain – the ones that have the most visitors per year? Well, as of 2011, they were: 1.  The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia (3.7 million visitors). 2.  The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (3.2 million visitors). 3.  The Prado in Madrid (2.9 million visitors). 4.  The Alhambra in Granada (2.3 million visitors). What a terrific cross-section of the old and new, dispersed right across Spain! […]

Jan 132012
Holidays in Spain, climbing on the Costa Blanca

One of the joys of living in Spain for me is my ability to rock climb throughout the year – something that was extremely difficult in the UK, where the weather made almost every trip out a feat of endurance!  This is far from the case when you are climbing on the Costa Blanca when, even in the middle of winter, you can revel in conditions that would match the finest experienced on a British […]

Dec 212011
Spanish air strike, 29th December 2011

Are you due to fly on Iberia on the 29th December 2011?  If you are – then be aware that 118 Iberia flights scheduled that day have been cancelled.  This is due to a Spanish air strike by pilots of Iberia who are protesting about the creation of a new Spanish budget airline – although the reasons for their discontent escape me. The Spanish air strike on the 29th December will affect some 36% of […]

Dec 042011
Beach holidays Torrevieja

For many people, beach holidays in Torrevieja are exactly what Spain is all about. After all, Torrevieja provides almost everything that many people want from their holidays in Spain: consistently fine weather, great beaches, an azure Mediterranean sea, a lively nightlife, a pretty marina, plenty of golf courses, an elegant promenade, good shopping and lots of accommodation. However, Torrevieja provides something else special to English speakers: an infastructure that has developed over many years to […]

Aug 122011
Culture Spain growing all the time in importance and relevance!

So, Culture Spain has just received its 100,000th unique visitor – in just over twelve months (since 22 July 2010)! Meanwhile, the number of people coming onto Culture Spain has been steadily increasing day by day, month by month.  This, we believe, is because we strive hard to provide information about Spain that is consistently objective and authoritative – whilst (we hope) being sufficiently quirky, at times, to be both fun and interesting. Certainly, the […]

Jun 302011
Beach holidays in Spain - the Spanish love them too!

One of the surprises for me when I first came to Spain was to witness, to my amazement, the passion of the Spanish for beach holidays in Spain – and when I say ‘passion’ I really mean it.  Most of my Spanish friends spend every spare moment on the beach.  Indeed, if the sun is out (virtually any time of the year) then you can bet that most of them are down on the beach.  […]

Jun 172011
Summer holidays in Spain – 10 things not to forget!

Are you going to be spending your summer holidays in Spain? If so – then make sure that you are well prepared beforehand and pack everything that you need.  After all, there is nothing worse than setting out for your holidays and arriving at the airport to find that you have left behind something critical! So, what should go on your checklist for a summer holiday in Spain? 1.   Passports! But are they in-date?  […]

May 312011
Make the best of your summer holidays in Spain!

I am struck now by how many times I came for my summer holidays in Spain and yet never really took advantage of what was available to me.  Like most holidaymakers in Spain I tended to stay around the beach and the restaurants and bars close to where I was staying. Of course, once or twice during our beach holidays in Spain we would take a day trip out.  This was almost always to some […]

Apr 202011
Easter holidays in Spain, the Capuchins

One of the most notable aspects to any Easter holidays in Spain is the appearance of the Capuchins. All of a sudden, throughout Spain, you can see gorgeous religious processions with the people concerned resplendent in costumes that mimic the Klu Klux Klan – albeit far more colourful! Semana Santa (Easter week) is a very important time for anyone religious in Spain and is marked by processions of the Capuchins. These processions, in various forms, […]