Apr 142011
Tourism in Spain 2011

There was an interesting article about tourism in Spain today in Levante (a Spanish newspaper covering the Levant). In January Exelter, a Spanish tourist association, predicted a growth in tourism in Spain, this year, of 1% – which they have now revised to 2%.  This is almost two and a half times greater than that predicted by the Bank of Spain. Of course, you may think that a 1 or 2 percentage point increase for […]

Apr 012011
Holidays in Spain, the facts

One of the extraordinary things about Spain is the sheer number of people who come, annually, from abroad to take their holidays in Spain.  In fact, some 53 million people visit Spain each year and, of course, the vast majority are holidaymakers. To put 53 million people into perspective – you have to appreciate that the total population of Spain is only some 46.5 million.  So (to state the obvious), more people come to Spain […]

Mar 302011
Summer holidays in Spain 2011, book now or wait?

The conumdrum for anyone thinking of taking a summer holiday in Spain is: do I book now – or wait until later and then pick up an ultra-cheap deal? Obviously, getting a ‘good’ deal on your summer holiday in Spain is important but this year it is more difficult than ever to predict what will happen about the number of people coming to Spain. The latter, of course, will define how good a deal you […]

Jan 092011
Holiday apartment Gandia

Holiday apartment Gandia WHY RENT THIS APARTMENT??? Because: this holiday apartment Gandia is in superb condition, very well situated and is the ideal place to stay for your holidays in Spain.  It is actually located on the exclusive estate of La Drova, which is 15 minutes from vibrant Gandia and 20 minutes drive from the gorgeous Blue Flagged beaches of La Safor. LOCATION:             Gandia is located some 70kms south of Valencia and is easily reached […]

Jan 082011
Beach apartments in Spain: 10 vital factors!

Exactly where you stay when on your holidays in Spain is critical to the success of your holiday.  Obviously!  However, almost as important is the inherent nature of the beach apartment in Spain that you stay in.  If this is not right then it can really spoil your holidays – even if the surrounding area is exactly what you wanted. So, what are the factors that you should look for before you book any beach […]

Jan 022011
Travel Spain

Travel Spain is here to provide you with all the information you need for your holidays in Spain. In fact, Travel Spain specialises in every aspect of holidays in Spain – whether this concerns flights to Spain, travel around Spain, holiday villas in Spain (and beach apartments in Spain!) or just what to see and do in Spain. Of course, Spain is one of the premier holiday destinations of the world.  It has been for […]