Jul 182012
Beautiful Aragon in Spain – so much to offer to holidaymakers!

Aragon in Spain is a land of distinctive landscapes from its snowy Pyrenean peaks and rust-coloured plains to its lush green valleys, and yet it is often overlooked by the tourist throngs. Its terrain is harsh and dramatic; its scenery breath-taking and impressive. It is remotely serene and more peaceful than the heaving Costas, whilst providing a host of activities – if you only know where to find them! Geographically located in the North East […]

Oct 102011
Sevilla and falling in love with Spain

If you are looking for a quick break or a base for an extended trip around Andalusia you would be wise to head directly for Seville and do not pass Go! As the capital of Andalusia, there is much to admire; culture, food and dance set against a stunning backdrop of ornate and stylish architecture. Set on the banks of the Guadalquivir, it is hard not to be struck by the beauty of Sevilla. The […]