Feb 152012
The meteoric rise of white wines from the Rías Baixas

Very few Spanish wines regions have had such a meteoric rise from virtual anonymity to a reference point for European white wines as Rías Baixas has, but it is easy to be confused by it all. Confused because Galicia’s Albariño wine region became officially Rías Baixas in 1988. In George Rainbird’s ‘Sherry and the Wines of Spain’ (my copy is a first edition of 1966) the author admits to never having visited Galicia, only to […]

Nov 012010
Spanish bagpipe wines, the Albariño and Rías Baixes

Albariño and the Rías Baixes You may have friends who have ‘done’ the Camino de Santiago, and if they are anything like mine they will be immensely proud of it. Not those who go by bycicle or horse, but those who have actually walked it. It is absolutely not a stroll in the park, and tales of lancing blisters and dressing ragged feet each evening are par for the pilgrimage. So are stories about arriving […]