Jul 052012
Holidays in Spain, the secret to making the very best of them!

The question, of course, is how do you make the very best of your summer holidays in Spain? Certainly, choosing a great beach and workable holiday accommodation in Spain is essential.  Equally, you need to make sure that your surrounding area provides you with all the facilities you need and that you are not miles from the nearest bars and shops. But what about activities that are not centred on the beach? Is there anything […]

Feb 242012
Gandia, A Place in the Sun and beach holidays in Spain

It was great to see the first programme of a new series of A Place in the Sun feature Gandia, my home town in Spain – which looked, justifiably, gorgeous!  The programme came out last Tuesday and followed a couple searching for a permanent home in the area. Certainly, for anyone currently living around Gandia the programme will have been a mixed pleasure. On the one hand it is great to see good publicity for […]

Jan 242012
A Place in the Sun and the best kept secret on the Spanish coastline

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun team (including the lovely Jasmine Harman), who were filming in my area.  They have some house hunters who want to move to the Gandia area, which gave the A Place in the Sun team a reason to come here and their first experience, to the best of my knowledge, of Gandia – which must be one of the best kept […]

Dec 042011
Beach holidays Torrevieja

For many people, beach holidays in Torrevieja are exactly what Spain is all about. After all, Torrevieja provides almost everything that many people want from their holidays in Spain: consistently fine weather, great beaches, an azure Mediterranean sea, a lively nightlife, a pretty marina, plenty of golf courses, an elegant promenade, good shopping and lots of accommodation. However, Torrevieja provides something else special to English speakers: an infastructure that has developed over many years to […]

Jun 172011
Summer holidays in Spain – 10 things not to forget!

Are you going to be spending your summer holidays in Spain? If so – then make sure that you are well prepared beforehand and pack everything that you need.  After all, there is nothing worse than setting out for your holidays and arriving at the airport to find that you have left behind something critical! So, what should go on your checklist for a summer holiday in Spain? 1.   Passports! But are they in-date?  […]

May 312011
Make the best of your summer holidays in Spain!

I am struck now by how many times I came for my summer holidays in Spain and yet never really took advantage of what was available to me.  Like most holidaymakers in Spain I tended to stay around the beach and the restaurants and bars close to where I was staying. Of course, once or twice during our beach holidays in Spain we would take a day trip out.  This was almost always to some […]

May 042011
Summer holidays in Spain, book early to avoid disappointment!

Recently, I wrote a couple of articles about the potential for a rise in demand for holidays in Spain.  Well, my predictions look as though they may have been accurate. Figures just produced by the Ministry of Tourism in Spain show that tourism in Spain increased by 2.9% in comparison to the same time (the first quarter) of last year.  This meant that some 9 million tourists came to Spain. Interestingly, although Britons remained the […]

Mar 302011
Summer holidays in Spain 2011, book now or wait?

The conumdrum for anyone thinking of taking a summer holiday in Spain is: do I book now – or wait until later and then pick up an ultra-cheap deal? Obviously, getting a ‘good’ deal on your summer holiday in Spain is important but this year it is more difficult than ever to predict what will happen about the number of people coming to Spain. The latter, of course, will define how good a deal you […]

Feb 172011
Spanish Summer Sun

Millions of people had their winter sun dreams ruined at the start of 2011 as a result of the civil unrest in Tunisia and then Egypt. The British Foreign Office advised against all but necessary travel to the countries’ capitals and millions of Brits were left stranded. This is going to do no favours for the two country’s future tourism potential. Although the coastal areas were largely unaffected by the violence, British travellers want to […]

Jan 122011
Tomato festival Spain (La Tomatina), it is incredible!

Talking of sumer holidays in Spain, one event that springs to mind is La Tomatina – which has got to rank highly as one of the wierdest fiestas in Spain. It happens in Buñol in August and can only be defined as irredeemably and joyously wacky! In fact, La Tomatina has emerged over recent years as a must-see fiesta in Spain, much the same as the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Certainly, to be […]

Jan 112011
Summer holidays Spain: what to do and where to go!

If you are not living in Spain then you are probably now thinking about booking your summer holidays in Spain – and already dreaming about blue skies, warm water and two weeks of al fresco life! Well, if you are, then you may be interested in Spain Travel which is a Culture Spain site that we have set up to provide information about holidays in Spain, whether beach holidays, cultural tours or activity holidays. Spain […]

Jan 092011
Beach holidays Spain: 10 essential factors that make for a great beach in Spain!

Are you planning a beach holiday in Spain? If you are then you should know the top ten critical factors for a great beach holiday in Spain before you book your holiday in Spain  They just may make the difference between having a fantastic holiday in Spain and a holiday that ends in disappointment. Certainly, choosing the right place for your beach holiday in Spain is not always easy as Spain, of course, has an […]