Apr 272012
Spain's world class cultural heritage, something for everyone!

One aspect to Spain that is often overlooked is its world class heritage.  In fact, it may surprise you to know that Spain is second only to Italy for its UNESCO World Heritage sites, of which it has 42 to Italy’s 47.  By comparison the UK has 28. I say that Spain’s World Heritage position may be a ‘surprise’ because, for most people, Spain is perceived as little more than a country with some excellent […]

Jan 112011
Summer holidays Spain: what to do and where to go!

If you are not living in Spain then you are probably now thinking about booking your summer holidays in Spain – and already dreaming about blue skies, warm water and two weeks of al fresco life! Well, if you are, then you may be interested in Spain Travel which is a Culture Spain site that we have set up to provide information about holidays in Spain, whether beach holidays, cultural tours or activity holidays. Spain […]